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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Select
When in the first level, part 2 go to the trash heap and press: L, L+R, R, R, Up, Down, L+R, SELECT, START. If done right you will hear a scream.

Monster Sounds
When the Nickelodeon logo appears on the screen, press any direction on the control pad to start the theme music. Now press A, B, X, or Y to make sounds.


Sound test:
Press any direction on the D-pad, followed by A, B, X, or Y at the Nickelodeon screen. The sound that is played will vary, depending on which D-pad direction and button were pressed.

Level select:
Go to the trash heap during the second part of level 1. Press L, L + R, R(2), Up, Down, L + R, Select, Start. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry.

Make Grumble blink:
Press L or R on the screen that appears before the start of a level.

Make Grumble open his eyes wide:
Hold R + Down when Grumble appears before a level begins or at the options screen. After releasing the buttons, Grumble will appear to be angry.

Friday, May 30, 2014

863 Ninjas: Kick Back Super Nintendo Cheats

Level / Password
2 / Rocky, Cult, TumTum, Mori Shintaro
3 / Blonde man, Dumpy man, Glasses man, Mori Shintaro
4 / Cult, Rocky, TumTum, Koga
5 / Koga, Mori Shintaro, Cult, TumTum

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story Super Nintendo Cheats

New sub-chapter:
Complete the game without losing a battle. Go to the title screen and press Up, X, Down, X, Left, Y, Right, Y, Up, A, Down, A, Left, B, Right, B. A sound will confirm correct code entry. When you start a new game, a new sub-chapter will be available for play, called "Starry Skies". You will be able to battle as the three Sailor Stars, and a mysterious girl will be introduced.

Super characters:
Hold A on controller two then press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, B, X, L, R on controller one. You will start the game with level 100 characters and with stats at 255.

Level 16 Senshi:
Hold X at the title screen, then start a new game to have Senshi at level 16.

7th Saga Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Get cursed apprentice's magic back:
After completing the cave of Kapel you will get cursed and your magic will be taken away. You cannot remove your own curse without the moonlight. However, you can remove your apprentice's curse. Switch apprentices and fight until you find your old apprentice again. If he or she asks to join you again, their curse will be removed.

Hint: Guntz: Power Seed:
The first time you go to Guntz, enter the chief's house and search the desk with the open book on it. You should find a Power Seed.

Hint: Patrof: M-Water:
On the quest to find the Star Rune, go into the Tavern (located up and right from the Inn). Walk until you are in the top left area of the Tavern. Stand on the right side of the wood pile and search. The game will say that you found a bottle of M-Water at your feet.

Hint: Polasu: B Power:
In Polasu, take a left then go straight and enter the woman's house where she says that her child is missing and that her husband is away. Go to the left corner and stand on the carpet square in front of some jars. You should find a B Power.

Hint: Rabelesk: Potion:
In Rabelesk, walk up to the jars and search to find a potion.

Hint: Experience bog workaround:
If you are using a primarily magic using character (or pair of characters), you may get stuck or at least severely bogged down when you are cursed on the western continent. You may work around this by choosing an apprentice (if you do not have one yet) or changing apprentices (and perhaps changing back again). With your partner's magic, you should be able to get enough experience to continue forward, and you also should be able to defeat Metal Pison. You may also defeat the dragon blocking the way in the frozen lake cave ahead of time, but doing so does not allow you to bypass any part of the story, since the Moonlight is an essential item later.

Hint: Early extra opal:
When you exit the castle at the start of the game, go to your right and find the church. To the right of the church is an open space that is one square wide. Go to the end of the pathway and search facing north. You will find an opal and be asked if you want to keep it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 Ninjas: Kick Back Super Nintendo Cheats

Level Passwords
Level 2: Rocky, Cult, TumTum, Mori Shintaro.
Level 3: Blonde hair guy, Dump guy, Glasses guy, Mori Shintaro.
Level 4: Cult, Rocky, TumTum, Koga.
Level 5: Koga, Mori Shintaro, Cult, TumTum.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2020 Toshi no Super Baseball Super Nintendo Cheats

Meat Slashers Passwords
Password - Game
68334677149A - Game 2
583447871496 - Game 3
783547981486 - Game 4
684548A81086 - Game 5
894649B81F86 - Game 6
A94749C91F76 - Game 7
994759DA1B76 - Game 8
895769EA1B72 - Game 9
7A586AFA1B7E - Game 10
99587A0B1A7E - Game 11
B9597B1B197E - Game 12
A95A7B2C193E - Game 13
9A6A8B3C19FE - Game 14
BA6B8BAD19EE - Game 15

Mechanical Brains Passwords
Password - Game
79244668F899 - Game 2
99345768F898 - Game 3
B9355869F897 - Game 4
D935696AF797- Game 5
F9366A6BF787 - Game 6
1A376B6CF777 - Game 7
3A476C7CF763 - Game 8
2A577D7CF763 - Game 9
1B678E7CF76F - Game 10
3B688F8CF66F - Game 11
2A69809CF66B - Game 12
ACF26B - Game 13
0B8982BCFE6B - Game 14
FA9983CCFA6B - Game 15

Korea Dragoon Passwords
Password - Game
58335577085A - Game 2
48435687045A - Game 3
68436698035A - Game 4
884466A9034A - Game 5
795467B90F4A - Game 6
995567B90F4A - Game 7
896568DA0B3A - Game 8
7A6668EB0BFA - Game 9
9A6678FCOAFA - Game 10
8967780D0ABA - Game 11
A967881E09BA - Game 12
C977892E09AA - Game 13
B987993EO9AA - Game 14
A997A94E09A2 - Game 15

Battle Heroes Passwords
Password - Game
19344577988A - Game 2
394455789889 - Game 3
295456799489 - Game 4
496557799488 - Game 5
6975587B94F8 - Game 6
5985687B9438 - Game 7
4A96688B94F8 - Game 8
3AA6788C94B8 - Game 9
2AB6788C94B8 - Game 10
4AC6898E90B8 - Game 11
3AD6999E90B3 - Game 12
2BE6A9AE90BF - Game 13
1BF6B9BE90BB - Game 14
3A06BABF90AB - Game 15

Battle Angels Passwords
Password - Game
A8244578288A - Game 2
C8254679278A - Game 3
E825568A268A - Game 4
0926578B258A - Game 5
2936588C257A - Game 6
1946688D253A - Game 7
3956788E2539 - Game 8
2966798F2139 - Game 9
487689802138 - Game 10
39868A812D38 - Game 11
29968B822938 - Game 12
49A69B832937 - Game 13
69A79B942927 - Game 14
5AA98BA529E7 - Game 15

Aussie Battlers Passwords
Password - Game
29235668DA9A - Game 2
49236769D39A - Game 3
3924776AD35A - Game 4
2A24886BDF5A - Game 5
1A34987BDF1A - Game 6
0A44A88BDB1A - Game 7
FA54B89BDBDA - Game 8
EA55C8ABDBD6 - Game 9
DA65D9ABDBD2 - Game 10
FA66E9ACDBD1 - Game 11
EB67F9BCDBDD - Game 12
0B6809CCDADD - Game 13
2B6919CDDADC - Game 14
DDD9DC - Game 15

American Dream Passwords
Password - Game
D833556885A - Game 2
C8436569881A - Game 3
B953756A88DA - Game 4
D964766A88D9 - Game 5
F974776B88C9 - Game 6
E984877B88C5 - Game 7
D994978B88C1 - Game 8
F9A4988C88B1 - Game 9
E9B4998D84B1 - Game 10
DAC59A8D84BD - Game 11
FAD69B8D84BC - Game 12
EAE69C8E8OBC - Game 13
0BF6AC8F80BB - Game 14
F906AD808CBB - Game 15