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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ace o Nerae! Super Nintendo Cheats

Opponent / Password
Brown / X3NJ73RK137
Houriki / YCHJ73RK137
Hyuga / YMGJ73RK137
Midorikawa / Z3DJ73RK137
Midorikawa (second match) / Y3JJ73RK137
Midoriyama /ZW9J73RK137
Nakao / ZCCJ73RK137
Otowa / YWFJ73RK137
Reynolds / XCMJ73RK137
Ryuzaki / XWKJ73RK137
Ryuzaki (second match) / WWPJ73RK137
Tohdoh / WCRJ73RK137
Young / XMLJ73RK137

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