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Friday, June 6, 2014

Addams Family Values Super Nintendo Cheats

Start at first save
Enter the password mode and type in 988K4SN8K:YF61D:KTD5C. If the codes don't work, try switching the 5's and the s's.
Or you could type in 9968K:SH6K:0F6VD:BXT4C.


Cheat Codes
Status / Password
At swamps, 100% skull energy / :VY:398RV:V6WV6VV6QLR3
At swamps, 100% skull energy, all weapons, most items / BT2BK5DXZBT7YVBYVKVK:1
At swamps, 75% skull energy, all weapons / ::Y:298DV::6W:6V7FQT83

Hint: Extra lives:
After losing the game, press Left at the "Continue" screen to enter a hidden room that contains four extra lives.

Hint: Hidden area:
When you begin on the main screen after choosing "Start", go to the upper left-hand corner. You will see some trees. Go left into the top ones and then press Up. Note: If it does not work, press Left more, then try it again). This should lead you to a hidden room with only one readable grave with death hovering over the top of it.

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