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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ballz Super Nintendo Cheats

Turbo Mode
To access the Turbo Mode, just press ''A'' 9 times at the title screen.

Morph into other fighters
At any time during gameplay, use these codes to morph into a different character:
Divine: Up, Left, Y + X
Crusher: Down, Right, Y + X
Yoko: Up, Right, Y + X
Bruiser: Down, Left, Y + X
Tsunami: Left, Right, Y + X
Kronk: Left, Left, Y + X
Boomer: Right, Left, Y + X
Turbo: Right, Right, Y + X

Finishing move
Press D x3 when your opponent's life bar is less than 2.5 life balls in length.

Hyper mode
Press A 9 times at the title screen.

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