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Friday, July 18, 2014

Batman Forever Super Nintendo Cheats

Stage Select
On the screen where you can change from "Training Mode" to "Normal Mode," press Left, Up, Left, Left, A, B, Y. Change the game type to "Normal," set the difficulty level and press Start. Then choose your character like you normally would and press Start to access the Stage Select screen. Finally, press Up, Down, Left and Right on the Control Pad to choose the stage you want and press Start again to begin the game.


Cheat mode:
Press Left, Up, Left(2), A, B, Y at the game start screen. Change the game type to normal mode and press Start. Choose a character and press Start to display the cheat mode screen. This screen allows stage selection, access to all weapons, and control of the Riddler in the practice mode.

Kill all enemies:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Press Start + L + R during game play to kill all normal enemies. Press this sequence multiple times to kill the Boss characters.

Play as The Riddler in training mode:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Go to training mode then press Start. Note: You may have to try more then once. Pass The Riddler thug to unlock the Riddler as playable. The Riddler has the following moves:

Moves: Hidden blueprint weapons:
Homing Batarang: Press Quarter-circle Forward + Y.
Bat Cuffs: Press Right, Down + X.
Holographic Decoy: Press Down(2), Forward(2), A.
Rocket Boots: Press Right, Right + X.

Moves: The Riddler:
Repeatedly press X.
Hold Down and quickly and repeatedly press Y.
Hold R and press Back, Down, Forward, Y.
Hold R and press Back, Back, Forward, X.

Moves: Thug 1:
Hold Down, then quickly press Y.
Quickly press Away, Down, Y.
Press Towards, Down, X.
Quickly press Away, Towards, B.
Hold Down and quickly press B.

Moves: Thug 2:
Press Down(5), Y.
Quickly press Away, Towards, B.
Press Down(2), Towards, Y.
Press Towards, Down, Y.
Quickly press Down, Towards, B.
Hold Down then quickly press Y.

Moves: Sug-Spice:
Press Towards(2), X.
Press Towards(2), Y.
Quickly press Towards, Down, Y.
Quickly press Down(2), Away, Y.
Hold Down and quickly press B.

Moves: Ridd Thug:
Press Towards(2), B.
Press Down(5), Y.
Press Towards, Down, X.
Press Down(2), Towards, B.
Hold L and quickly press Y.

Moves: Clown:
Press Towards(2), B.
Quickly press Away, Down, Y.
Press Towards, Down, Y.
Press Towards, Down(2), Y.
Quickly press X.
Quickly press Away, Towards, B.

Moves: Inmate:
Press Towards(2), B.
Press Towards, Down, X.
Press Towards, Down, Y.
Press Towards, Down, B.

Riddler's clues:
"Unlucky ... baker's dozen"
Blast off the elevator's roof and use the grappling hook to reach the 13th floor.

"Steel ... fall through the floor"
Use the grappling hook to yank down the hanging safe and open a secret room in Two-Face's hideout.

"A musical ... rewards"
Knock an opponent into the electric cords on Claw Isle.

"Looking ... found"
Save the hostages by raising your character up with the grappling hook.

Hint: Bonus items:
On level 1 stage 4, after getting the "Credit is given where credit is due" riddle, drop down the hole. Throw a bomb on the left side of the hole. A new hole should appear. Drop down at this location and kick the safes to get a large number of items.

Hint: Hidden coin:
When reaching the electric chairs, go to the door all the way to the right. Do not enter it; when the rope is launched up, a secret door leading to an inmate will appear. Kill the inmate and kick the wall to get a coin.

Hint: Extra lives:
In the second part of the first level, when you see the clowns come out of the giant present walk a short distance until you see the first bench. Do not move from there. Stand there and throw Bat Rangs at the clowns. They will keep respawning. Every time you get 50,000 points you get an extra life. Note: This requires some time.

Hint: Defeating Big Riddler:
To defeat Big Riddler in the final level, you must hit him with contact hits. All other attacks do no damage. Use stick goo then jump kick him. Repeat this until he dies.

Hint: Defeating Two-Face:
Depending on which character you use, there are very easy ways to kill Two-Face. Since he is very hard to damage and powerful, you should keep you distance and use the "Super Effective" weapon against him. For Batman, use the Electrict Pellet item (Towards, Down, A). For Robin, use the Heat Rays item (Towards, Back, Towards, Back, A). In order to use Robin's Heat Rays, you will have to get close enough to Two-Face to walk backwards and still be facing in his direction. If Two-Face gets too close, jump straight up in the air and do a mid-air kick to put some room between him.

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