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Friday, August 29, 2014

Brawl Brothers Super Nintendo Cheats

View Japanese title screen:
Quickly press B, A, X, Y repeatedly at the Jaleco screen until the screen becomes scrambled. Press Start after a hearing a sword slash. Press Down(3), Start when the screen changes. Exit the options screen to view the title screen from the Japanese version of the game. Note: Select Kazan as a character after enabling this code. Press Y to execute an alternate uppercut.

Fight as same character:
Select two player mode. Highlight the same character on both controllers simultaneously. Then, press Y on both controllers simultaneously.

Hint: Hack: Secret move:
Press Y + B to attack with a "charged punch".

Hint: Slash: Secret moves:
Press Y + X to throw a fire breath against the enemies. Press X + B to attack with a super smash kick.

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