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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brutal Paws Of Fury Super Nintendo Cheats

Play As The Dali Llama
On the Title screen, press X, A, B, A, Left, A. You'll hear a sound if entered correctly. You can now choose the Dali Llama.


Play as Dali Llama:
Press X, A, B, A, Left, A after the title screen appears. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Dali Llama will now be selectable.

Character passwords:
Enter one of the following password to begin as that character with all special moves unlocked.
Character --- Password
Dali Llama --- [Circle] [Upside-down Triangle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8YD
Foxy Roxy --- [Circle] [Triangle] C [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8VD
Ivan -- [Circle] [Triangle] D [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8WD
Kendo Coyote --- [Circle] [triangle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8 [Square] D
Kung-Fu Bunny --- [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8PC
Prince Leon --- [Circle] [Circle] B [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8QD
Rhei Rat --- [Circle] [Circle] D [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8SD
Tai Cheetah --- [Circle] [Circle] C [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] [Circle] CL8RD

Level Passwords
Level - Passwords
92 - 5XSTS7

Hint: Prince Leon: Moves:
Taunt: Press B + A.
Bite: Press A + R.
Swim Attack: Press Toward, Down, Away.
Roar: Press Down, Toward, A
Power Chord: Press Away, Down, Toward
Wild Side Kata: Quickly press B(3).
Race Within Kata: Hold B + R then press A.

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