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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Clay Fighter Tournament Edition Super Nintendo Cheats

Shrink Your Characters
Go to a four-player tournament mode. Then select these four characters and name them these 4 names:

Frosty - Jason A
Blob - Steve C
Taffy - John S

You must include the space between the first name and the last initial.


Small fighters:
Select Four-player tournament mode. Choose and name the following fighters in this order, with "_" indicating a space:
1. Frosty, with POSSE as a name.
2. Frosty with JASON_A as a name.
3. Blob with STEVE_C as a name.
4. Taffy with JOHN_S as a name.
All four players will be smaller with game play begins.

Hidden options:
Select a fighter and quickly hold Select + L at the character selection screen.

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