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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cutthroat Island Super Nintendo Cheats

Advance to level 4:
Begin game play in two-player mode. Reach level 2 and have player one enter the first wooden door at the same time that the player two enters the dark door that is next to the wooden door. Press Up simultaneously on controllers one and two to advance to level 4.

Morgan uncle's tavern:
When you first arrive In the level 3fight off all the pirates on the first street. After you fight them all, go to the right to find Morgan's uncle's tavern.

Hint: Treasure chests:
Note: Getting all treasures unlocks a bonus at the end of the game.
Level 3 "Spittalfield": Go up the stairs from the beginning of the level. Always follow to the left.
Level 7 "Jungle": Starting from the beginning, enter the first hole to the right; enter the first one to your left; return for the hole; then climb the first branch to the right.
Level 9 "Treasure Chamber": In the place containing the first brown pin, step in him and return to the floating rock to the right. It will lead you to a secret room.
Level 10 "Cliff again": Search for two caves protected by a French guard close to the beginning of the level. Enter the one to the right. The treasure is below the cliff to the right.
Level 12 "Sea Battle": Go to the right extremity of the boat. Note: You will have to kill some enemies first.

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