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Friday, November 7, 2014

Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf Super Nintendo Cheats

Start With 10 Lives
On the Main Menu screen, press Y. For your password, enter "B S 9 J S 2 7." You can then go back to the password screen and enter in a password for any advanced level that you may have reached.

Level 2 Code


Ten helicopters:
Enter BS9JS27 or 8S9JS27 as a password to start with ten instead of three helicopters. Press Start to begin a new game or enter a valid level password to resume at the corresponding level.

Victory screen:
Enter R9SC9M2 as a password.

Second mission:
Enter 3ZLLZTD as a password.

Level Passwords
Level - Password  - Alternate 1 - Alternate 2
1 - 3ZJMZT7 - **N/A** - **N/A**
2 - K32L82R - 8ZL2H2H - KZ2QL8B
3 - JR8P8M8 - 93L2BRJ - 432LWKQ
4 - F9N5CJ8 - JRJW8MJ - 48PPF8H
Victory - 89CCWQD - K9CF4T4 - R9SC9M2

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