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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Super Nintendo Cheats

How do I get the banana birds ?
Buy the shelp at the bazar en bring it to Barnacle. In world Lake Ortanaga you swim under and through the second mountain. Beat the time of Brash at the Riverside Race in Kremwood Forest and then cross the river by walking over the tree. Across Funky's Rentals there is a bay. Go there, and you will arrive in the Banana Bird cave. Play the music without errors. Behind the bazar there is a bay where a Banana bird is hiding. Go to the level Cotton Top Cove and swim straight ahead and at the right there is a Banana Bird cave. Give a bowling ball to chief Bazooka in the level Mekanos and he will shoot you to a Banana Bird cave. Go in the level K3 to Blizzard and press RIGHT before you enter it and you arrive in a Banana Bird cave. Go to the level Razor Ridge and go to Bjorns Ski Lift, give him a mechanic tool and go with the elevator. Give a flower to Bramble. Go to the level Kaos Kore and swim to the 2 rocks in the center, hold the Y and A buttons and make two crossing movements around the rocks. Go all the way down to the lowerleft area of the map and go up to the waterfall and go to the bay. Go to the secret level Krematao and complete each level. Ask Boomer to blow out the last piece of stones. Give the Banana Birds to Wrinkley. You will get a present!

The secret world of Krematoa
Swim around the 4 stones in the center of the big map. Start at the top and hold X,A,B and Y buttons. Swim about 4 laps around the stones. A volcano appears.

Highlite the game u want to play with. Then press L,R,R,L,R,R,L,R,L,R. If you did it right,you will be able to read ENTER CHEAT. Enter these words:
WATER:go behind the waterfall to get 85 bonus coins
LIVES:gives you 50 lives
COLOR:Dixie's suit changes to purple and kiddy's changes to green
ASAVE:automaticly saves after each level
ERASE:erases time records
HARDR:makes the game more difficult

Another code is merry, it changes the music also music for the music test.

99+ Lives
On the second world, there is a level called ?Millstone Mayhem?. Enter the level, playing with Diddy. Jump on the tire and go the right until you see the monster. Quickly go back down, jump on the tire and go to the left. You should land on the top of the doorway. When the monster comes down and walks to the doorway, you need to slide down and land on its head, holding Left. The longer you hold it, the more lives you should get.

Secret Cave
Go to Kaos Kore (the castle) and make an 8 around the two stones in front of the castle eight times and a secret cave should open in the drain.


Cheat menu:
Highlight a saved game file at the game selection screen. Press L, R(2), L, R(2), L, R, L, R to display a cheat menu. Enter one of the following codes for the corresponding effect:

Enter ASAVE to automatically save after each completed level.

Fifty lives
Enter LIVES.

Christmas mode
Enter MERRY to hear Christmas music and turn the stars into bells, and bananas into blue presents during the bonus levels.

Sound test
Enter MUSIC.

Alternate colors
Enter COLOR to dress Dixie's in purple and Kiddy's in green.

Bonus coins
Enter WATER. Dixie will cry to confirm correct code entry. Swim to the waterfall to the left of Funky's Rentals without any companions. Approach and touch the waterfall on the left side of the map. Enter and beat the Banana bird cave behind the waterfall to find 85 bonus coins.

Expert difficulty
Enter HARDR to make the game more challenging.

No halfway barrels
Enter TUFST. This code also allows the game to be finished with a 105% completion and a different ending.

Erase time records
Enter ERASE.

Extended music:
Press L, R, A, B, X, Y at the game over screen when the small cubes appear after the song is done to play different notes. Press Start to quit.

Lost World Of Krematoa:
The riddle that Baffle the Bear decodes immediately after you give him the mirror that reads, "To open the gate, at the two doors, make eight," refers to the following: Find the four rocks that are placed in a circular shape. Jet ski around the rocks in a counterclockwise circle eight times or until a noise is heard. The Lost World will appear in the light blue circle in the water between the rocks.

Default name:
When you get to select a game, choose an empty file. Select a single player game and instead of entering a name, choose "OK". The game will automatically enter the name "Dixie".

Hint: Easy final K. Rool battle:
To defeat the final K. Rool (in the sub) easier, pause the game when he starts firing the lower sparks from his generator. Normally it will diffuse on the metal barrel, but you can dodge it completely by pausing the game when the lower spark appears. If done correctly, the end pieces will remain on screen, but the middle will be still moving. Wait until it completely crosses the screen before resuming the game. Proper timing is important, as mistiming will result in a long spark that fills the screen.

Hint: Find the Mother Banana Bird:
When you get the Gyrocopter, fly to the clouds. Search in the clouds until you go to another area. The Mother Banana Bird will be there. She is trapped and you will need all of the Banana Birds to free her. There are thirteen of them. She tells a great story of how she and her children (the Banana Birds) got trapped. Note: To find three Banana Birds, get the Gyrocopter. There is a cave at the top right of the screen as well as at the bottom, close to where you jumped into the water to begin your journey. The last one is up on the island by the clouds.

Hint: DK coins:
If you forgot if you got a DK coin in a past level, just check what kind of flag it has. If the flag is striped (yellow and blue or red), it indicates that you have already have the DK coin. If it is a solid color (blue or red) it indicates that you have not gotten the DK coin. Before you enter a world, check what kind of flag it has. If the flag is black and has a white K, it that means that you have not defeated either the Boss, all of the stages, or both. If it is one solid color (blue or red), there are one or more stages that you have not gotten the DK coin. If it is striped, you have gotten all of the DK coins in the world. Note: There are 41 DK coins in all, including the Lost World. You get a DK coin from the Nautilus boss. Exchange these coins with Funky to get his best creation, the Gyrocopter.

Enable the "Fifty lives" code. When you meet Kroolstein in his sub, defeat him. Before you throw the barrel at his back for the tenth time, use Kiddy Kong and get rid of Dixie Kong. Grab the barrel and wait for Kroolstein to go to the far right side of the submarine. Before he turns back around towards the left, throw the barrel at his back for the tenth time. When he comes back towards the middle, face to the right and jump. Get hurt by him on the bottom right half of him on the screen just when he is beginning to enter below the right side of the hole at the top. When you lose, you should land below the middle of the hole. Before the screen fades completely, you should still get the DK coin. When you return to the map, the level has not been completed because you lost before it finished. However, you will still keep the DK coin. You may go back and try again for another DK coin. It is good to save your game each time you complete the trick so that if you fail, you will keep your coins. However, you will have to find the rest at the other levels or reset the game and start with the coins you had the last time you saved or completed the game. If you fail, reset the game, open the saved game file, but first enable the "Fifty lives" code again.

Hint: Bobbing Barrel Brawl: Shortcut:
In World 2, get to first robin. Kill the robin and with Kiddy, then press A and throw Dixie slightly to the right where the robin used to be.

Hint: Barrel-shield Bust-up: Shortcut:
When you get into a tree with hole in the bottom, go through the hole and hold Left.

Hint: Bobbing Barrel Brawl: Shortcut:
Team up above the Red Bee at the beginning

Hint: Door Stop Dash: Shortcut:
In World 1, go through the first two doors. Jump on the first wooden step, then with Kiddy press A, jump, then press Y while holding Up, You will find a winner's barrel in the corner.

Hint: Lakeside Limbo: Shortcut:
When you reach the first DK barrel, get it if you do not have your buddy. Go back left and stop at the edge. Use Kiddy Kong, press A, then jump and throw Dixie Kong up and to the left into the air.

Hint: Murky Mill: Shortuct:
In World 1, jump on the lift and with Kiddy press A then jump. While you are in the air, press Y and hold Up.

Hint: Murky Mill: Shortcut:
When you are at the top of the wooden elevator, stack up on each other and throw Dixie near the top of the left side edge. This is a shortcut to the end of the level.

Hint: Riverside Race: Shortcut:
Two Kongs are required for this trick. When you get to the second lake at Riverside Race where there is one fish, do not dive. Instead, make the Blue Kong throw the Pink Kong so that the Pink Kong reaches a warp barrel. By doing this, you will beat the bear's record time.

Hint: Skidda's Row: Shortcut:
You need both Kongs for this shortcut. Using Kiddy Kong at the first log house, kill the "Skidda" on the roof, jump on the middle of the roof, press A, then walk to the left edge. Jump and throw Dixie up and to the left into the air.

Hint: Skidda's Row: Unlimited silver coins:
Get to the "B" box to kill the enemies. When it takes you out of it, you can return and go back in it. Run in to an enemy and when you come out it will give you a silver coin so you can buy items. Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.

Hint: Springin' Spiders: Shortcut:
In World 2, go on the second spider on to the first wooden step. Jump off with Dixie and hold Y to will get a winner's barrel.

Hint: Squeals On Wheels: Shortcut:
In World 2, go through the first door and with Kiddy, press A then B to jump. Press Y and hold Up and you will find a winner's barrel to get transported to the end.

Hint: Tidal Trouble: Shortcut:
You need both Kongs for this shortcut. Go in the water and keep swimming far to the right until you reach a wall. Using Kiddy Kong, jump on top of the wall, face to the left, press A, then throw Dixie up and to the left into the air.

Hint: Defeating Arich:
Play as Dixie, but do not lose Kiddy. Hit Arich two times by just holding the barrel, then wait for him to come down to get hit by it. Then, immediately switch places with Kiddy. Jump on Arich's back and get the barrel. You will not have to wait for or worry about him spitting balls at you. Next, run down almost as far as possible and throw the barrel upwards. Again, you will not have to wait for him to spit balls. Immediately put Dixie on your shoulders and throw her up to the branch. Get the barrel again and run almost as far as possible. Throw the barrel upwards and Arich will give up.

Hint: Defeating Belcha:
Belcha will spit barrels out of his mouth. Jump on the barrels and a bug will appear. Jump on the bug and pick it up. Throw it back in Belcha's mouth. Belcha will jump backwards into a hole on the right.

Hint: Defeating Kaos:
Play as Kiddy. When Kaos stops and his blades start to rotate, press A to put Dixie on Kiddy's shoulders and jump from blade to blade. At the exact moment after you hit Kaos in the middle of his head, continuously throw Dixie up into the air and move back enough so that she will land back on Kiddy repeatedly. If done incorrectly, bouncing off Kaos' head will send you too far from his head, and bring you to the floor. Otherwise, you will defeat him, but not completely, as he leaves and you will not see him again until you enter K. Rool's lab. If you have a controller with a turbo feature, you should not have any problems throwing Dixie continuously. You will not have to wait for him to move back and forth, or shoot you. If you hit him only two times then fall to the floor, you still have to wait the total amount of time for him to go back and forth the total number of times he does after the first two times you hit him and fall to the floor. With three or more hits, you will just have to avoid getting shot before trying again to hit him.

Hint: Defeating the Lost World Of Krematoa Boss:
First, access the Lost World Of Krematoa island. Will need over 75 "B" Coins. Go to the house and enter it. Give all your "B" Coins to the bear and he will give you dynamite in exchange. When you exit, you should automatically blow up all the rocks in your way. After you complete all the levels, you should end up at the save cave. Go to the left and you will be at the bear's house. Give all of your Cogs to him, and you will unlock the nautilus. You will then have to fight the captain. Stay in the middle of the room and you will not get hit by the fireballs or the laser beam. When they stop, grab the barrel and go to the middle of the room again. You will see a vent on the top of the room. Hold Up and throw your barrel into it. If timed correctly, you will hit him on his propeller. He will fly towards you. At that moment, grab a barrel and go left or right and jump on the laser beam shooter. When he comes to you , wait until he turns around. Then, throw your barrel at the propeller on his jet pack. Do this about three times and he will go back into the background. Use the same strategy until he starts making the floor move. Then, throw the barrel into the vent. If you hit him, he will come towards you again. This time do not touch the barrel. Watch the laser shooter and a short laser will emerge from it. If you lay the barrel down (hold Down and release Y), the laser will curl around it and disappear. Grab the barrel and throw it at the propeller. Take your time, and you will defeat him. After winning the battle, you will get a DK Coin.

Hint: Nintendo 64 references:
When you go to the save points with old Granny Kong, notice that she is playing a video game. Look closely at the system she is playing to see that it is a Nintendo 64.

Not only is that a Nintendo 64 that Wrinkly is playing, but if you listen carefully, the background music is a remix of the Super Mario 64 castle interior music. This can also be played by going into the Music Test and playing the file "Wrinkly 64".

Hint: Legend Of Zelda reference:
Once you gain five Bear Coins, return to Wrinkley's Save Cave. Go to where you went when you started the game. Next to her cave is one of the bears. Go there and he will have a shell and a mirror on sale. Buy the shell. You will now be able to ask the bear about a castle. Ask him about it. He says that he will give you information on it for two coins. Say "No" and he will start talking about Link. He will even mention rupees.

Inside the general store near the first Save Cave, talk to the bear. Select "Who owns that big castle?" then select, "No thanks, I'm saving up for Swanky's". If done correctly, the bear will talk about Link from the Legend Of Zelda series.

Hint: Baffle Bear says every word backwards:
Buy the mirror from Bazaar Bear in his general store for 50 Bear Coins. Give it to Baffle Bear first, then talk to Barter. Then, go back to Baffle and buy the mirror from him. When you now go to Baffle, all the words he says are spelled backwards, like "Ev'uoy tsuj detsaw neetfif sdnoces!", which reads as "You've just wasted 15 seconds!".

Hint: Baffle Bear's hint:
When you pay Bazaar 50 Bear Coins for the mirror, take it to Baffle. He translates the code to "To open the gate at the two stones, make eight". This means at the two stone rocks sticking out of the pond near Baffle's code room, circle around one of them. When you pass between the two, continue swimming except now around the second rock together, making an "8" around the two rocks. Once or twice will open the gate to the sewer pipe with the hidden banana bird.

Glitch: Lose items:
When you get the present from the snow bear, take it to Blue's Beach Hut and give it to him. When he opens it, he will give you it. Immediately before the bowling ball gets into your item box, run out of the cabin. If done correctly you should not have gotten the bowling ball. Do not save or else you will not be able to get the bowling ball back. You need the bowling ball to get a Banana Bird. If you go back into the beach hut, Blue will not have the ball and neither will you.

Glitch: Tearaway Toboggan : Complete level on foot:
Both Kongs are required for this trick. When you start, switch to Kiddy. Run and roll off the edge so that you roll into the Buzz below the barrel cannon. Dixie will take over, temporarily invulnerable, and bounce into the barrel. The next part requires good timing and speed. You must do the following steps before Dixie's invulnerability wears off. Fire Dixie out off the barrel when it is facing southwest. Dixie will land on the start platform, but she will skid on the snow. Jump to stop the skid, then run towards the Buzz. Roll off the edge and through the Buzz -- you should still be invulnerable. Jump before your roll ends (you should be in mid-air). Hover over to the platform with the toboggan on it and attempt to land behind the toboggan. If you go too far you will land in it. As soon as you land, jump in between the toboggan and the barrel cannon above it. Hover over the barrel. You can now freely roam the entire level by foot. Surprisingly, there are no glitches or problems with collision detection. You will experience no issues making your way through the level this way.

Glitch: Rocket Rush: Go back down the canyon without the barrel:
After killing the Koin at the end of the level, throw Kiddy at the wall at the left. Jump on him, and sometimes you will fall through the platform and down the canyon. The bees will not hurt you unless you throw your partner at them. Do not fall where the barrel for thrust for the rocket was found, because you cannot get out. Do not jump on or at a bee that is just next to a wall; if you bounce towards the wall you will not have control, except Start and Select. Do not follow attempt this unless you have already completed the level. Otherwise, you will have to reset the game to exit.

Glitch: Rocket Rush: Go back up to the beginning of the level with the rocket:
When you land on bees, you will go up slightly. Go down, but not too fast, and do not kill the bees that are apart. When you get to the two bees that are next to each other, go down slowly by pressing and releasing Up, but do not press it as you land on one bee or he will die too soon. After you land on it and he dies, quickly move towards the other bee. He will also die and you will go up much higher, but still not for long. Go under the next bee on your way up and crash into him. After crashing into the bee after that, press Left to go to the right and you should reach the top again. With the platform there, you are stuck at the top. You may run out of fuel, but you cannot get out of the rocket. Do not follow attempt this unless you have already completed the level. Otherwise, you will have to reset the game to exit.

Glitch: Getting the Gyrocopter before getting the Turbo Ski:
Use the trick to get all the DK coins from Kroolstein, but do not get the skis from the Bosses yet. After getting all the DK coins from Kroolstein, take them to Funky. He will still say what he normally does at that time and build the Gyrocopter. However, because the Turbo Ski is not on the list yet, the part of the list above "Hover Craft" is blank. When you take it, you come out with the Turbo Ski. Go back to Funky and "Hover Craft" will be back at the top of the list.

Glitch: Bring skis and the DK coins to Funky at the same time and complete reached levels:
Use the trick to get all the DK coins from Kroolstein. Defeat Kaos and Squirt and get the skis. Take it all to Funky. He will first build the Gyrocopter, but when you take it you will come out with the turbo ski. Go back to Funky, then he will build the Turbo Ski. Take it, go back to Funky, and then everything will be on the list. Because you have not passed the snow level, there is no flag at the last two levels. However, you can go to them with the Gyrocopter without completing the snow level. If you complete the level after the snow level first, the tunnel will form without you having to pass the snow level, and there will still be no flag at the level you completed. If the tunnel does not form, go to a level and return. You can also complete the last level without completing the two levels before it.

Glitch: Select what tries to show up on the list after "Gyrocopter":
Get all the DK coins, take them to Funky, and get the Gyrocopter. Then, get another 41 DK coins from Kroolstein's submarine using the "Get all DK coins from one level" trick. However, first get at least 50 lives. Take the DK coins to Funky's cabin again. He will still say the same thing and build you the Gyrocopter. However, because it is already on the list and there is nothing else on the list above "Gyrocopter", the part of the list above "Gyrocopter" is fuzzy. When you select it, the picture fades and does not come back.

Glitch: Have five items at once and the fifth one smeared:
Use the glitch to get all the bonus coins at the waterfall. After recovering the Patch and getting the Hover Craft, go to the Lost World and spend all the coins. At the Boss, use the glitch to get all the DK coins. Take them to Funky and earn the Turbo Ski. After that, recover the two skis, but do not take them to Funky. You can "smear" the Shell, Mirror, Present, or Bowling Ball. It is not possible to see the other items smear. For the Shell, buy the Mirror. Swap it for the Wrench. Go to Baffel, then back to barter. Get the Mirror back without giving away the Wrench. Get the Present from Blizzard, then buy the Shell and swap it for the Banana Bird and watch the Shell smear as it goes across the air. To see the Present or Bowling Ball smear, do the rest and buy the Shell, but save the Present for last. For the Mirror, get the Shell, the Mirror, and the Present, then swap the Mirror for the Wrench. Go to Baffle, then go back and get the Mirror and give it to Baffle. The item only smears if it did not fit with the other four items and will smear when you give it away.

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