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Friday, November 14, 2014

Donkey Kong Country Super Nintendo Cheats

50 Lives
Before picking saved game(If there is any) go to erase game and enter B-A-R-R-A-L if you entered it correctly a sound will confirm that you did do it right.The erase game part should not still be flashing if it is not than go pick your game.

At the game select screen press B,A,R,R,A,L then start. You will get 50 men right from the beginning.

Music test
At the game select screen, press D,A,R,B,Y,D,A,Y. (D is down.) You get a music test.

When cranky kong is making his music thing make music right before the title screen push Y,down,Down,Y
to go to some wierd bonus level.

Two Player competition
Highlight ''Erase Game'' at mission select screen and enter the code B,A,Down,B,Up,Down,Down,Y wich means Bad Buddy. You will hear a chime. Now you can take control of the other player's character any time you want in a two player game.

"Diddy code"
Go into a saved file and lose all your lives then press any button to go off the screen and press,
Down,Y,Down,Down,Y. If you did it right you will go into a cave and you can get the three statues of your choice.

Golden Frog
To get the golden frog get three frogs and on the bonus level, jump right to the top of all the islands, then go along and onto solid land. When you've done this, keep going and you'll encounter a HUGE golden frog twice your size. Every small one after you get it counts as two.

Golden Swordfish
To get the golden swordfish get three swordfishes and on the bonus level, go straight down and through the coral. There will be a HUGE golden swordfish there twice your size. When you get it, every small one after it couunts as two.

Golden Rhino
To get the golden rhino get three rhinos and on the bonus level jump on the roof of where you came out. Then, you have to be slow or you'll fall off, jump along the top row of islands until you reach solid land. Slide down the slope and there will be a HUGE golden rhino twice your size. When you get this every small one counts for two.

Golden Ostrich
When you have three golden ostriches, on the bonus level go to the third part where the big wall you can't get over is. Think you can't get over it... Think again! Jump then fly over the top and there will be a HUGE golden ostrich twice your size. Every time you collect a small one after this it counts for two.


Sound test:
Highlight the "Erase Game" option on the game selection screen. Press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, Y. Press Select to change the current song.

Bonus games practice:
Press Down, Y, Down(2), Y when the game first starts, before the game selection screen appears.

Easy continue:
With one life remaining, enter a level that was previously completed and lose your life. Press any button at the game over screen to return to the Cranky Kong opening screen. Enable the "Bonus games practice" code and play the bonus games to earn a surplus of lives. Then, press Start to pause game play, and press Select to return to the place where the last life was lost.

Fifty lives:
Highlight the "Erase Game" option on the game selection screen. Press B, A, R(2), A, L.

Ninety-nine lives:
Go to the first level and keep playing to get as many extra lives as possible. You will get a total of about ten extra lives every time you play that level. Just repeat this to collect up to ninety-nine lives.

Go to the Manic Mincers level. When you pass the halfway point, turn into Diddy. Allow the first blue muscle guy to fall into the hole. Just when he falls in the hole, hold Back then hold B. After you hit him nine times you will start gaining lives.

Interactive two-player game:
Highlight the "Erase Game" option on the game selection screen. Press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down(2), Y, A and start a two-player game. The inactive player can press Select at any time to assume control.

Hint. Long jumps:
To make either character jump farther, run towards a gap. As you reach the edge, press Y to make them do their trademark move (Donkey King rolls and Diddy cartwheels) off the cliff. They will appear to walk on air slightly, but as soon as you see them start to fall press B to make them jump.

Hint: Stop slipping on ice:
When you are in the ice levels and start to slide, pause game play, then resume.

Hint: Hidden warp:
Quickly tap B as you walk between Coral Capers and Funky's Flights in the Kongo Jungle to advance to Orang-Utan Gang in Vine Valley.

Hint: Bonus rounds:
Each time you get three of the same gold "buddy", you will enter a bonus level. In each one there is a large wall on the opposite side from where you start. If you get over that, there is a large golden "buddy" that will double the amount of "buddies" you have in the top-left of the screen.

Hint: Getting Enguarde:
There is a 1 up from where you start, a 2-up to the left, a 3-up to the right, and big fish downwards.

Hint: Getting Expresso:
When you reach the dead end, go on the topmost part, jump, flap once, and go to the right. If done correctly, you will be in a room with the big ostrich.

Hint: Getting Rambi:
Keep jumping on the top platforms until you get to the end.

Hint: Getting Winky:
Go to the left. When you reach a dead end go up. Keep doing this until you get the big frog.

Hint: Extra life in level 1:
Jump back into treehouse on level 1 to find an extra life balloon.
Stay high in the tree tops in the first level to find some extra lives.

Hint: Hidden underground banana bunches:
With Kong, duck and press Y and a bunch of bananas may pop up from the ground. With Diddy or Kong, if you jump from a high place on to the ground, a bunch of bananas may pop up from the ground.

Hint: Coral Capers: Warp barrel:
When start the level, swim until you see the "K" and the spinning Octopus. In the octopus' circle, swim to the bottom half and you should see a banana. Get it and swim down. Collect the bananas you see then go to the bottom right corner and swim against it to reach a warp barrel.

Hint: Ice Age Alley: Bananas:
Jump on the first orangutan throwing barrels, then land next to where he was. You will get a bundle of ten bananas.

Hint: Jungle Hijinxs level: Extra lives:
Get a ride on Rambi until you get to the cave where you go to exit the level. Jump on top of the cave and repeatedly press B, A until you get shot out of a barrel. If done correctly you can collect a 6-Up balloon.

At the start of the level, go back into DK's house that you just exited. Once inside, you will find a tire to bounce up to a red 1-Up balloon with DK's face on it. On the back wall you can also see a poster of Candy Kong dressed like a centerfold.

Hint: Jungle Hijinxs level: More Ostriches:
Save the game at the Save Barrel. Then, get the golden Ostrich. Press Start to pause game play, then press Select to restart. Keep doing that until you have three Ostriches. When you enter the Ostrich bonus round, go back over the top where you came out of to find a secret room full of small birds. Get them, then fly as fast as you can over to the other side. Go over to get the giant bird worth 100 Ostriches. Use the rest of your time to get more Ostriches.

Hint: Mine Cart Carnage: Shortcut:
Jump over the edge on the right and hold Left until you hear a bang. Jump over one enemy to complete the level.

Jump over the blast star barrel and press Left when you are falling

Jump over the barrel that shoots you into the cart. Press Left as soon as you are even with the barrel, so you will touch the wall but not go into the barrel. You will warp almost to the end of the game. Watch out for the Croc going the other way.

Hint: Mine Cart Carnage: Fly:
This is a very difficult trick to learn, but easy to use once mastered. It can be used to fly on the first mine cart level. Enable the "Fifty lives" code. Begin the level with both Diddy and Donkey Kong. Play the level all the way until the save point and save the game. Nearby, you will find the first crashed mine cart. Crash into it so you lose one of the characters. The remaining Kong will jump out of the cart. Let him plummet to his death. Restart the level from the save point and hit the crashed cart again. When the second Kong jumps out, instead of letting him die, press B + Y and he will jump in mid air. You can now fly through the level. Note: You will not be able to walk on the tracks or walk through the exit.

Hint: Ostrich bonus round:
When you go into the Ostrich bonus round, go back over the top where you came out of to find a secret room full of small birds. Get them and then get the other birds to have more birds than you would originally had.

Go all the way to the right, up on the top to find a hidden room and a golden ostrich. Get it will to make all of the others small and get a 100 golden ostrich.

Hint: Platform Perils: Bonus round:
There is an automatic barrel just below the entrance to the Platform Perils level in the Chimp Caverns. Pick up the barrel and knock off the Krusha. Then, jump on the first moving platform. Before it gets too far out, move in the direction of the entrance. You should land on a secret moving platform that will take you to a bonus round.

Hint: Rhinoceros bonus round:
Go all the way to the right, up on the top to find a hidden room and a golden rhinoceros. Get it will to make all of the others small and get a 100 golden rhinoceros. To get there, go left and jump up on top of the door you used to enter. Then, hop along the stones at the top.

Hint: Ropey Rampage: Shortcut:
Get to where the letter "O" is located. Then, fall straight down in-between the group of three trees and the single tree with the blue alligator. There is a barrel that will automatically shoot you into the side of a cliff. This will break open a secret door. Jump from rope to rope until you get to the other side of the large gap. You will find the letter "N" there. To exit, walk through the cave door or jump into the gap (this will not kill you). You will be shot forward into the level.

Hint: Ropey Rampage: Bananas:
When you start the level, go behind and jump onto the cave and onto the tree. Keep jumping from tree to tree until you get to the last one. When you get to the last tree, jump into the air off the top of the screen and hold Y. Use the D-pad to go back and forth until you fall. You will have gotten a lot of bananas.

Hint: Ropey Rampage: Red balloon:
Play the level until you get to the sign that points to the exit. Go back to the hole that is just before it. Jump into the hole. A barrel will blast you upwards. The goal is to find the red balloon. Watch the balloon and the last barrel it appears on -- jump up and hit it. The balloon will then flash on top of the correct barrel. If you were correct, you can collect the balloon.

Hint: Slip-Slide-Ride level: Shortcut:
After you go up the rope at the entrance, there is a barrel that Donkey Kong can jump into up against the left wall, just out of sight. This will transport you much closer to the end of the level.

Hint: Snow Barrel Blast: Shortcut:
At the third barrel after the one between the two bees, shoot straight down to go to almost the end of the level.

Hint: Stop & Go Station: Shortcut:
Walk back through the entrance of "Stop & Go Station" to get transported about three quarters of the way through the level.

To warp to the end of this level, when you start, walk back through the start door. You will be blasted from an invisible barrel to near the end of the level. Collect the G letter and make the crocs sleep. You will then complete the level.

Hint: Vulture Culture: Shortcut:
Pick up the barrel at the beginning. Do not throw it. While holding the barrel, jump on the small bird and land in the barrel cannon to the right, without touching the ground. Proceed through the level as fast as possible (without stopping to get anything). When you get to where you see a regular size bird dropping coconuts on the ground, keep going until you see another blast barrel. Jump into it. You should see a second blast barrel that is not normally there (the one that is lower and closer to you). That is the warp barrel.

Hint: Winky's Walkway: 99 lives:
Get the frog and go to the second Beaver barrels. Get to the point where you are up to the barrel and jump on it. After every eighth Beaver you pounce, you should earn an extra life. Note: This may require some time.

Hint: Swordfish bonus round:
In the Swordfish bonus stage (when you get three golden sword fish), go straight left to reach a secret room with a number 2. Go straight right to reach a hidden room with the number 3. Both will turn all of the swordfish small. The golden swordfish is available in a hidden room directly downward, and the number 1 upward.

Hint: Better game saves:
After you defeat a Boss on any world, you will be shown the map and where to go next. Do not go into that World. Instead, go back into the last World, or any other. Go to "Candy's Save Point" and save the game. Then, go to "Funky's Flights" and return to the unbeaten World. It should save your game. If you run out of lives, load the game you saved, go to "Funky's Flights", and return to the unbeaten World.

Glitch: Fly:
At the mining level where you ride the cart, run into an enemy or a broken down cart. Then rapidly press Y + B to "fly". Do not this too rapidly or you will lose a life when you get too high. Just gradually release, then press the buttons again. Note: You cannot use this trick to complete the level.

At various points the game will glitch and you cannot get Diddy or it will freeze and you cannot swing on vines. Press X + Y and you will fly. You need to keep holding the buttons or you will fall.

Glitch: Turn into Winky in Coral Capers:
After you get Enguarde for the second time, where the Croctopus is chasing around a batch of coral, swim to the beginning Enguarde. Jump off Enguarde and swim back to the second Enguarde's origin. It should turn into a Winky crate.

Glitch: Rambi in the Bounzy Bananza:
Go to the Bounzy Bananza level in the Monkey Mines. Get to the part where you get Winky in the little cave. Get Winky and exit the cave. Reenter the cave. You will not be riding on Winky. Get Winky again and jump on top of the cave you came in. Jump off Winky and exit the cave. You will now have Rambi.

Glitch: Gold statue after game over:
In Mine Cart Carnage, if you have two gold statues but zero balloons, do not worry if you get a game over. Even after losing all your balloons, your statues will still be kept when you go back to the level.

Glitch: Rambi in a different level:
Go to Oil Drum Alley and get to the half way barrel. Go back to the barrel used for climbing up a tall area (after all the Kremlings) Switch to Donkey Kong and try to get on the space next to the barrel on the left side of the barrel. Rapidly switch Kongs twice. If done correctly, both Kongs will fly up about one second apart. You can now control both Donkey and Diddy Kong at the same time. To get Diddy back to Donkey Kong, duck and press a diagonal direction in the way that you want him to go and Handslap until Diddy makes it back to you. Get Diddy to fall onto the cliff with the barrel and go right until you get Rambi. Remember that Diddy needs to be over the ledge next to that barrel that you did the trick on. Then, move left until you see one of your lives go away. Finally, go to a level with an animal buddy in it. Be careful in the water levels, as Rambi gets stuck easily and you cannot move until the game is turned off. However, if you choose a level such as Temple Tempest, you will not get stuck at all. Warning: This may erase your saved file if Diddy is first, and not Donkey Kong.

Glitch: Play as Enguarde:
There is a water level that has barrels which shoot you along to where you need to go. After the section with the barrels, there is a crate containing an Enguarde (swordfish). Hop on Enguarde, then slowly and carefully make your way back to the last barrel you popped out from. You need to be careful, because you must be on Enguarde. Then, simply enter the barrel with Enguarde. Several strange things can now be done. First, your characters will act as though they are on dry land and will be walking around instead of swimming. Second, the colors change and things just get strange. Finally, you can play the rest of the level as Enguarde, with no character riding, and no character following behind.

Glitch: Destroy the background of Ice Age Alley:
Go left at the start and get Expresso. Next, fly until you get to the point where you see two Neckys. Get off Expresso and bounce off the Neckys to Bonus #1. Grab Expresso and exit. Then, go to the left and try to jump up the cliff. After jumping up, make your way back to the start to where the other Expresso's cage was located. Then, proceed through the level as usual. Notice that the snow will not stop. Keep going, and when the sky is supposed to turn blue, it turns purple. When it turns blue, the background will appear totally destroyed. Notice how the foreground remains unchangedNote: If you continue through the level, the background will change to yellow.

Glitch: Jungle Hijinks: Strange colors:
Get the keg at the beginning. Do not lose it, and get to where the Necky is located. Throw the keg after you find Rambi's box and get on Rambi. At the same time, you should see a Gnawty in yellow. If done correctly, the colors will severely glitch.

Glitch: Orangtan Gang: Wrong colors:
Get Expresso and go back to the beginning. Get off Expresso after the first vine-like walkway. Pick up the keg and throw it. Jump onto it, holding Y. When you see Expresso, keep holding Y and jump on Expresso. Release Y. A pink colored character like Donkey Kong replaces Expresso until you jump. Keep going until after the "N", then drop and rapidly fly until you see bananas. Enter a bonus area with Expresso and then come out. Get one banana. If done correctly, the colors will change quite often. Unless you enter a bonus area, the colors do not change to normal. The Klap-Traps also change to an orangeish color and the bananas do this. The background will not change to another color. This will remain until you exit, take damage, or fall off. The colors might also change to red or even blue.

Glitch: Oil Drum Alley color change:
In Oil Drum Alley immediately after the save point, you can drop to where you can find a Rambi crate. When you are riding Rambi, a short distance to the right is a barrel throwing ape. Turn Rambi so that he is facing away from the ape and allow him to get hit by a barrel. He will run left into the hole. Jump into the hole before the barrel drops into it, and aim to land on Rambi. If done correctly, one of three things can happen. The most common is that the rider will change colors. Donkey Kong will turn all white and grey with bright pink on skin areas, and Diddy will change to a light pink with pink clothes as well. The second possibility is that Rambi will also turn a redish orange color, as well as the rider changing. Otherwise, nothing will happen. This may take a few attempts. Also, other color glitches will happen due to this. If you use Diddy and lose Rambi, he will change to a dark brown with black clothes. If you find Donkey King in a barrel, his colors will be the same as Diddy's. Also, tires will often change to a bright red as well.

Glitch: Strange character color:
Go to the first level and get Rambi. Go to the beginning and jump off him slightly to the left of the iron barrel (in the ground). Throw the iron barrel against the wall and hop on it. Hold Y. When you pass Rambi, press B (while still holding Y). Rambi will kick the barrel away. Release Y and you will be riding a metal donkey kong. If you have Diddy first, it will most likely be a strangely colored Diddy. Try the same thing in Orangutang Gang with Expresso, with the tin barrel at the front of the level. The pixels will get re-arranged, and you can turn Donkey/Diddy into an invincible purple type color.

Glitch: Strange Diddy actions:
Get to the second or third bonus in Millstone Mayhem. Have Diddy first. Intentionally lose, then hop on the edge of the stone roof. If done correctly, Diddy will throw his hat on the ground and slide across the screen. He will be stomping on the ground. You can also this in Tank Up Trouble. Make your fuel tank be empty, but make sure to have Diddy first. Stand on the ledge of the tank. Diddy will throw his hat off the tank and jump off himself.

Glitch: Barrel:
Go to Barrel Cannon Canyon with both Kongs and get past the two Kremlings. With Donkey Kong in the lead, stand close to the barrel and face away from it so that Diddy Kong is behind the barrel. Then, switch characters once. Diddy will now be stuck behind the barrel. You can still move left or right, but only within the barrel. If you try to jump you will get shot out of the barrel as usual. With Diddy stuck behind the barrel, switch back to Donkey. You can now walk anywhere on the level without having Diddy following you. This will last until you: finish the level; enter a Bonus Cave; or get the Animal Bonus. If you die, the screen will go into a state where the camera will stop in place, but the music will continue playing and all the sprites will continue moving. You cannot do anything while in this state, and the game willl have to be reset. Note: If you try to do this with Diddy in the lead, the screen will freeze normally. Press Start + Select to continue.

Glitch: Strange Dumb Drum:
With one Kong, go to the level "Boss Dumb Drum". Hold Y + Left the moment you select it from the map screen. If done correctly, you should have entered the level without breaking the DK Barrel. Once you move away from the DK Barrel, jump over it without breaking it before Dumb Drum lands on you. When he goes back to the top of the screen, he will appear in front of the DK Barrel facing southwest. His eyes will be white and some of the metal on him will be bronze. Only the "DK" on the DK Barrel will appear, and not the barrel itself. If you break the barrel you will get a second Kong, but Dumb Drum will be gone and you will have to reset the game.

Glitch: Take any land animal buddy to a level with an animal buddy or to Reptile Rumble:
Do not break any DK Barrels until instructed to do so. Go to a previously completed level with a throwable DK Barrel. Throw the DK Barrel and exit the level before it breaks. Go to a level where it is possible to get hit by an enemy while above a bottomless pit. Lose one Kong if you have two, then get hit by said enemy so that you fall down the pit when you get hit. Go to a level with the animal buddy you want and a throwable DK Barrel. Position the animal and DK barrel so that both objects overlap. Do not jump or get on the animal buddy. Throw the DK Barrel and your second Kong should jump on the barrel when he comes out. The Kongs will now each make movements at the exact same time. Let the first Kong (who is not on an animal buddy) fall off a cliff without letting the second Kong also fall off. Finally, go to a level with an animal buddy or to Reptile Rumble. You will still have the animal buddy. Note: When you take an animal buddy to a water stage do not press Y, A, or B. There will be no gravity acting on you, so keep moving until you fall to the coral floor and gravity applies. You can now press Y, B, and A as desired.

Glitch: Strange color:
Do not break any DK Barrels until instructed to do so. Go to a previously completed level with a throwable DK Barrel. Throw the DK Barrel and exit the level before it breaks. Go to a level where it is possible to get hit by an enemy while above a bottomless pit. Lose one Kong if you have two, then get hit by said enemy so that you fall down the pit when you get hit. Go to a level with an animal buddy and a throwable DK Barrel. Throw the DK Barrel. The Kongs will now each make movements at the exact same time. Get both Kongs on the animal buddy and strange things will happen.

Glitch: Warp to Orang-utang Gang level (Ocean World):
Note: You must have already completed the first two levels. Stand on the second level (Ropey Rampage) and press Up to go back to level one. While your character(s) is/are moving, press A in the middle. If timed correctly, the screen will turn black and you will be teleported to the halfway mark in Orang-utang Gang in the Ocean World. If you did not do it correctly, your character(s) will simply proceed to the first level. You can always go back to Ropey Rampage and repeat the process. It may require some practice, but the shortcut is worth it. Note: If you continue to press A several times on the way, it may have the same affect. Furthermore, this code may be used in between different levels for various teleports. Note: After teleporting you may not return to your previous point unless you have completed the levels in between your location and the destination.

Glitch: Strange Millstone Mayhem level:
Start a new game. Get all the way up to the Millstone Mayhem level. At the beginning of the level, jump on the tire and enter the bonus game on top of the yellow cave. Then, exit the bonus and get Winky the frog. Do not jump in the halfway barrel. Intentionally die off the cliff and you will start the level over again. Then, press X + Y when you enter the level again. If done correctly, the screen will turn black, then back to normal, but everything will be strange. It can warp different sprites (characters) in random locations on the screen.

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