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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Unblockable attacks:
To use unblockable attacks, make Goku flash before your opponent does, and attack just before they flash. Note: This will not work with Kamehameha's.

Hint: Super Saiyin-jin Goku poster:
When you are in Bulma's capsule house, you can see a poster of adult Super Saiyin-jin Goku. on the wall near the bed.

Hint: Extra bonus battles:
When you are far in the game you will get some numbers. The numbers are the scenes you have to finish to go to the extra battle. If you follow the game as in the comic books or episodes you will get the extra two bonus battles against Mr. Popo and Kami.

Hint: Power-up:
To power up during a battle, hold L + R. Your power level will turn yellow when you reach the maximum. The higher your power level is, the faster you go. While powering up, you temporarily cannot move.

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