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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dynamite Headdy Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Defeating the Fantasy Land Robot:
In Phase 1, just avoid being stepped on and hope that he is facing away from Heather, so she can throw the key in. When he stops jumping, he will stretch his arm out and hit you. In Phase 2, after the intermission sequence, he will go insane and capture Heather. His attacks consists of jumping wildly while swinging his arm, firing his arm at you, dropping a small fire bomb, madly shooting his arm at you after you hit his weak point (his face), and hitting Heather (causing a unavoidable bomb to explode). When he fires his arm, make sure it goes off screen. He will either pick up a Head Case or Bino. Hit Bino for a bonus point. Never hit Head Case while he is being captured, as there is a high chance of getting the big head. Get a bomb and fire as soon as you get it from Head Case.

Hint: Defeating Trouble Bruin (Maruyama):
In the North American version, Trouble Bruin will gather Laser Balls. Duck beneath them until he starts to try to ram you. Jump over him and he will flip off the wall and land on his tail. When he stands up and starts panting, shoot him with your head. Do this one more time and he is done.
In the Japanese version, Maruyama will summon Laser Balls. However in this version they are merely special effects. They will not do anything to you. Jump over his ramming then attack him as done in the North American version. The only difference is that it is easier.

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