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Friday, December 12, 2014

Earthbound Super Nintendo Cheats

As you have probly noticed Every weapon poo uses makes his offense go down there is only one weapon he can use keep beating starman super there is a 1 in 128 chanc that you will find it if ou want to know for sure use jeffs spy option to see if a starman super has but this weapon is very powerful and almost never misses and battling starmansuper alot is a great way to gain levels.

Extra Money
Go to any town that sells eggs. Buy as many eggs as possible. Then later the eggs will hatch into chicks and then chickens. Then sell the chickens and you will be offered $110. It is a fast way to get money.

Broken antenna
Go into the cave by Tedna Village and look for the Uncontrollable sphere. If you fight enough of them, (usually 128) one will drop the broken antenna!! There you have it! It can be fixed into the Baddest Gaia Beam.

Free Cash
While in Twoson, visit the hotel. There should be a man in black sitting at a table inside the hotel. Talk to him again and again until he finally gets annoyed with you and gives you $50.

Free Magic Truffle
Go to the hospital in Threed. On the second floor there is an empty room. CHECK the dresser that is against the wall. Inside, there should be an Insignificant Item. Bring it back to a man in the Twoson hospital. He is balding and wearing black. Face him, then go to your inventory screen and select Insignificant Item, and then USE. The man will take it and give you a Magic Truffle in return!

Save Space
If you're like me, you'll find that every thing in the game has a little sentimental value, take for example the fact that you just can't let go of that Mr. Saturn coin because it reminds you of how proud the people of Saturn Valley are of you because you beat Master Belch. After a little while in the game, you will find that all of this keeping old things gets to be a little bit of a problem in the storage space area of the game. I found it a little helpful to use the bad key machine instead of getting the Key to The Tower that you can't throw away to get into the Dungeon Man on the south part of Scabara. Sure it's no extra page on your storage list for Escarso Express but it does help a little! I didn't realise this trick early enough in the game, but I'm fairly certain that this will work for the Carrot Key in Dalam too!

Game Genie Codes
Walk Through Walls - CB93-746F
Super Strong Characters - EE2E-7D01
LV.255 - EE23-77D1

Faster Music
Repeatedly tap Select for faster music.

Press A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B at the start screen.

Move Faster
I have recently noticed that the more stuff you have in your backpack, the slower you move. I took some items out, and I moved faster. Try and remove items from your backpack that you don't need. This could come in handy when running from enemies.

Rock candy trick
Once you get the rock candy, save it. Then, throw everything away that you can, and then go to Twosen. Next, go to Burlin Park and buy as many sugar packets as you can at the condiments table. Then, get in a battle, eat the rock candy,(the sugar packets will sprinkle on it), and your stats will go way up! Most cheat sites won't say this, but the trick is, when you eat the rock candy, the sugar packet will disappear, but the rock candy remains!


Faster music:
Repeatedly tap Select for faster music.

Hint: Unlimited magic butterflies:
Go to the cave in Onett and find the location where you can see the giant step but cannot get to it. Keep entering and exiting this location, heal yourself, then get more butterflies as needed.

Find the hole in the ground in the maze of tunnels under Tenda Village. Use it to drop down to a small cavern with a black talking rock and a butterfly. The rock will say similar to "You're in the Earth's belly button". Get the butterfly, then walk just far enough out of that room so the rock is no longer visible. Walk back in and the butterfly will re-appear. Keep collecting the butterflies as needed for full HP and HPP.

Hint: Unlimited attributes for any character:
Once you collect a Rock Candy, save it. Buy or collect as much of the Tin Of Cocoa Condiment as possible. Get in a battle having both the Rock Candy and Condiment in one character's inventory. When used in battle, the Condiment will be spent instead of the Rock Candy, giving you as much of an attribute as needed. This is very useful for increasing Jeff's IQ or Ness' Guts. Note: Save the game before using it in case of a mistake.

Hint: Easy money:
Use this technique to to increase your money early in the game. After reaching Twoson, there is a booth at Berlin Park (the flea market place) that sells fresh eggs. Buy as many fresh eggs as possible. Go to the Twoson shopping mall and wait. Give each egg three minutes or so to grow and hatch. Sell the chickens at a profit of $98 per egg. Note: Do not try to "Use" the chicken or it will run away.

Go to Happy Happy village, and find the stand where you can buy fresh eggs or bananas for free. Buy as many eggs as possible, wait for them to become chickens, sell them to the man at the drug store for $110 each.

There is a man sitting at a table on the left side inside the Hotel in Twoson . Talk to him ten to twenty times and he will give you some extra money.

Talk to the man in the Twoson Hotel sitting at the table outside your room. He will keep saying different things like, "It's so hot out today", followed by, "Is it cold today?". Keep talking to him until he finally says "Here, go buy yourself a juice or something".

After you defeat Master Belch, go back to Threed and enter the hospital. Go to the room with no one in it and walk over to the night stand. Press R or check and you will find an insignificant item. You can sell this for $1 at a store and $25 at the Happy Happy village store. Note: This item actually has another use in the game. Travel to Twoson and enter the hospital. There is a man there that will take the item and give you a Magic Truffle in return.

Go to the tunnel that takes you to the desert. When walking near the end of the road, you will see a sign that says "Desert". Go up and you will find a present containing $1000.

Go to the bridge with the ghosts in it. When you get to the outside, hold Right (with a rubber band or tape) so you move into the bridge. The ghosts will make you come back out where you started. This will go on indefinitely. When you call Dad he will have deposited lots of money in your account. The amount he deposits depends on how many steps you take.

If you kill a lot of enemies, go to the ATM machine. Your dad will have deposited extra money depending on the experience you received for the monster (for example, when you defeat someone guarding the "your sanctuary" places).

Hint: Easy experience:
After reaching the desert, there will be a single tree above the first Pyramid. Run around the desert for a while, then return to the tree. Eventually, a creature that resembles a red caterpillar will appear, running around very fast. Catch it and repeat (you can keep four alive) to get about 20,000 experience each. This may be repeated as needed.

In the part where you reach the desert after Treed, go into the open. Rarely, a green caterpillar runs around but does not seem to have any interest to fight. Instead, it will run away. Keep following it and do not go any other way or it will disappear. He will end up being trapped from escaping you. You can get it from behind. When you get to him, you will win with an automatic death. You will get over 10,000 experience points. If you have Poo, it will be worth over 7,000 experience points.

Before defeating Master Belch, there are small red berry-like animals. They die easily and give great experience. When you first find them, defeat them, go down the ladder, defeat the other ones, then go slightly to the left, down the ladder, defeat those, and repeat. When you reach level 45, you will be ready to beat Master Belch.

Once you get enough experience points, your enemies will try to avoid you. Go up to them and your screen will turn green. You will then hear the sound of an explosion sound and get the experience points. Note: This does not work on Bosses.

In the cave that leads to Giant Step and the underground cave at the Tenda Village, there will be small enemies that have round heads and two legs running around. They normally attack in numbers ranging from one to ten (usually six). Take them on in a battle. Their PSI attacks hardly ever hit, and their damage is weak. Also, they give you a large amount of experience points.

Hint: Finding Ego Orb:
Search in the lost underworld near the fire spring. You may have to do a lot of walking to locate him.

Hint: Finding the Death Ray:
The Death Ray for Jeff is located in the Tenda village in the junk yard.

Hint: Casey Bat:
When you get the Casey Bat, do not use it. It is a powerful bat, but normally has a horrible accuracy with a one in four chance of hitting anything.

When you have the Casey Bat, do not use it. Get into a battle and go to "Goods". Select the Casey Bat and it will always hit.

Hint: Finding the Broken Antenna:
The parabolic antenna can be obtained from a Uncontrollable Sphere in the area between the Tenda Village and the Lost Underworld. The Uncontrollable Sphere does explode, so enter prepared for a lot of fights.

The Broken Antenna can be found by defeating a monster called the Uncontrollable sphere in the Lumine hall before the underground part of the game.

Hint: Fast pizza:
To get your pizza within seconds instead of waiting ten to twenty minutes, make sure you have enough money in hand for however many pizzas you want. Make the call to the Mach pizza and place your order. Then, give Dad a call and save the game. Turn the SNES off, then back on. Load your game and the pizza man should come running up within a few seconds. This can be done as many time as needed, and is helpful before exploring a dungeon.

Hint: Defeating Belch:
After you get to the swamp, you will see an army man who will sell you multi-bottle rockets. Buy some, as they are very useful. When fighting Master Belch in this area, have Jeff use the multi-bottle rockets to kill Belch in one turn.

Hint: Defeating Giygas:
At all costs, you must keep Paula alive. After you fight him the second time, keep having Paula Pray. Keep doing this the entire time and Giygas will be destroyed.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
When going against a Boss, use Paralysis on him, then attack him normally until he dies.

Hint: Avoid enemies:
When you first see an enemy/enemies, stand still. If it/they do not chase after you, walk until the enemy is about two or three inches off screen, then return to the same location. They enemies could be gone, multiply, or still be there. Repeat this trick until you get the desired amount of enemies. Note: This does not work on Bosses.

Hint: Free hints from the hint men:
Call your dad on the phone and save the game. Go to the hint man and pay the fee for your hint. After you have the hint, turn off the game. When you resume, you will be at the save before you paid for the hint, thus saving your money.

Hint: Ness: Best equipment (weapon/head/body/arm/other):
Gusty Bat (Offense +100, 1/16 error rate, Guts +127). Fight Krakens in Magicant; 1/128 chance to obtain.
Hard Hat (Defense +15)
Star Pendant (Defense +30, protects against fire/freeze/flash/paralysis)
Goddess Band (Defense +80 protects against sleep, Luck +30)
Rabbits Foot (Defense +3, Speed +40, protects against paralysis)

Hint: Paula: Best equipment (weapon/head/body/arm/other):
Holy Fry Pan (Offense +80, 1/16 error rate, Guts +10). Found at the Lost Underworld Tenda Village Shop. Costs 3,480.
Hard Hat (Defense +15)
Sea Pendant (Defense +20, protection against fire/freeze/flash)
Diamond Band (Defense +50)
Saturn Ribbon (Defense +90, Luck +40). Only used by Paula.

Hint: Jeff: Best equipment (weapon/head/body/arm/other):
Gaia Beam (Offense +125, 0 error rate). Repair the Broken Antenna (found by fighting Uncontrollable Spheres in Lumine Hall)
Hard Hat (Defense +15)
Rain Pendant (Defense +15, protects against freeze)
Diamond Band (Defense +50)
Souvenir Coin (Defense +80, Luck +35)

Hint: Poo: Best equipment (weapon/head/body/arm/other):
Sword of Kings (Offense +30). Found by fighting Starman Super (1/128 chance). Poo's only weapon.
Diadem of Kings (Defense +20, Luck +30, weakens
PSI attacks against Poo). Can only be used by Poo. Poo's only helmet.
Cloak of Kings (Defense +20, Speed +40). Can Only be used by Poo. Poo's only armor.
Bracer of Kings (Defense +30, Luck +35, protects against sleep). Can Only be used by Poo.
Shiny Coin (Defense +70, Luck +30)

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