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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Extra Innings Super Nintendo Cheats

Switch Sides
Hold Select while you are choosing your team and opponents. When you start, you will be pitching.

Sound Test
On the Mode Select screen, press Select until either "Edit Team II," Set Up," or "Watch" modes are lit up. Hold the L and R Buttons, then press Start to access the sound test screen. Press any direction to change the number, and press B to listen to the desired music.

Speed Mode
When you are choosing your team, while holding the L and R Buttons, press Start to begin the game. This trick will more than double the speed of the players on both sides.


Graphics and sound test:
Highlight an option on the mode selection screen. Hold L + R and press Y or B to display a game graphic. A different picture will appear for each option that is highlighted. Highlight the "Edit Team 2", "Set-up", or "Watch" options for sound test mode.

Quick game:
Hold L + R and press Start to choose a team at the selection screen.

Pitch first:
Hold Select when choosing a team at the selection screen.

Hint: Ultimate pitcher:
When creating a pitcher, fill all stats in every category, then name your pitcher Wildthing. When pitching, hold Left or Right and watch your crazy pitching.

Hint: Creating the ultimate team:
When editing a team, make the first four players perfect in every category. Make the best player possible with the remaining points. In the substitute hitter list, create four more perfect players. When starting a game, substitute the four worst players on the regular lineup with the perfect players from the hitter list. This creates a team of eight perfect players and one best as possible player.

Glitch: Random teams in pennant race mode:
Enter pennant race mode, then select the number of games you want to play. While selecting your teams, press "Reset" without having selected a team. When the game starts again, enter pennant race mode again, then select "Continue". You should see randomly selected teams in a strange league. Among these could be doubled teams and the All-Star teams.

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