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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

F1 Race Of Champions Super Nintendo Cheats

This game is also known as "F1-ROC: Race Of Champions" or "Exhaust Heat"

Sound Test
For your name, enter "SOUND." A music option will appear. Press Up or Down to change the sound, and press A, B, X, or Y to start the music.

Opponent Switch
On the "Select Player" screen, choose the "Name Change" option. Choose to alter the name of one of the players already listed, then press Down on Controller 2. Change the name as desired, and then press Down again to get to the other opponents. Press Start whenever you are ready to race.

Instant Cash
For your name, enter "SETAUSA." This will let you start your first race of "Grand Prix" Mode with $10,000 to spend on parts.


Cheat mode:
Change the player name to SETAUSA or SETUSA. $10,000 will be available at the start of the next race. Additionally, press L + R during a race when your car is at top speed to receive an additional boost.

Change opponent's name:
Select the name change option to alter the name of an on-screen player. Press Down on controller two to switch the highlighted name with an opponent's name, then change that name. Press Down for the next name.

Sound test:
Change the player name to SOUND.

Music test:
Change the player name to OTO.

Slot machine mini-game:
Change the player name to CASINO before the Monaco race. A mini-game that will allow you to win cash from a slot machine will appear before the Monaco race.

Hidden track:
Select the training option from the configuration screen. Select the Monaco track, prepare your car and begin the race. During the race, look for the section with water that forms a point between two gray barriers. Turn around and drive directly into the point of water at top speed. With proper positioning, your car will be able to drive on the water without sinking. Look for an opening that leads to green grass. Enter the opening to find a new track that does not appear on the map.

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