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Friday, December 26, 2014

Faceball 2000 Super Nintendo Cheats

Cyberscape Mode
On the Player Select screen, hold the L and R Buttons and press Start. The screen should go black. When this happens, release the L and R Buttons. This allows you to select an entirely new set of mazes to work through.

Game Setup Screen
Select the number of players and the "Cyberzone" mode. On the Difficulty screen, hold the L and R Buttons and press Start. Then let go of all buttons to enter the Game Setup screen. You can make changes on the six given options: Starting Level (Up to 41), Armor (0-20), Shots (1-5), Speed (1-7), Lives (1-99), and Reload (0-15).


Play Cyberscape or Cyberzone:
Hold L + R and press Start to select the number of players at the title screen. Continue to hold L + R until the screen turns black. Release the buttons to display at the interface screen. "Cyberscape" will now appear beneath Cyperzone. Select Cyberzone.

Configuration screen:
Pass the title screen, then hold L + R and press Start at the Cyberzone starting level screen. Enter the options menu to adjust lives, speed, armor, level, and reload time.

Extra items:
Come into contact with a low level opponent to generate a Pod Drone. Shoot the flashing Pod Drones for armor, coins, and power-ups.

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