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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fatal Fury 2 Super Nintendo Cheats

Play As Bosses
While the word "Takara" is on the screen and the music is playing, press B, A, X, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, L, R. If done properly, you'll hear a man's voice say "OK."


Fight as Bosses:
Quickly press B, A, X, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, L, R before the Takara logo disappears when the game first begins. Terry Bogard will say "OK" to confirm correct code entry. B. Lawrence, W. Krauser, Billy Kane, and Axel Hawk are now playable.

Change control pad configuration between fights:
A screen with a globe will appear before the next fight begins. Hold Select while the globe spins, and keep that button held until the screen fades to display the controller configuration screen.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game without using any continues.

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