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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Final Fantasy V Super Nintendo Cheats

Easy Ability Points
For easy ability points go to the basement of Bal Castle in World 2. Here you'll encounter Statues in groups of 2 (4 ability points) or 5 (8 ability points). However, you will most likely find yourself having difficulty with these stone warriors. Using a Soft potion will kill them instantly. Just keep stocking up on Soft potions and master all those classes that require hundreds of ability points.


Hint: Defeating the meteorite monsters:
When attacking the six purple monsters in a meteorite, have a samurai in your party. Use a GP attack to defeat them instantly and avoid a hard battle.

Hint: 99 or unlimited items:
Use the following trick to steal 99 or and unlimited quantity of any item.

Step 1: Make sure your party consists of one Ninja and three Thieves.

Step 2: Make sure your ninja has the Steal ability.

Step 3: Equip one weapon onto your Ninja and leave another in the inventory. Note: This must be a weapon which you only have a quantity of two; one equipped and one in the items first slot.

Step 4: Find an enemy with an item you can steal.

Step 5: During battle, have the Ninja go into item option. Select the single weapon in the inventory and equip it onto the ninja (press Up until you see the equip option and press X to equip it.)

Step 6: Now there should be an empty spot in the top slot of your inventory where the weapon you just equipped used to be.

Step 7: Exit the menu and select the throw option.

Step 8: Throw the empty item slot you have just cleared earlier at the enemy you wish to steal from.

Step 9: If the item you are wanting to steal is a weapon that the ninja can throw or an item that you can use (for example, a potion), then use your next turn to steal the item. If the item you are stealing is a piece of armor, shield, or relic/ring, then you must repeat step 8 one more time before you move on to step 10.

Step10: Once you have stolen it, it will be listed in the inventory with blank quantity.

Step 11: If the item you stole was a weapon, throw the weapon at the enemy. If it was a potion, use the potion on one of your characters.

Step12: On your next turn, go back to your items option and check your results. If it says 99 quantity after the stolen item, then you have 99. If it says 55 after the stolen item, then you have an unlimited quantity.

In order for this trick to work, you must not have any of the desired item in your inventory. Also to make 55 into 99, just sort your items after the fight and it will automatically change 55 (255/unlimited) into 99. If you try to sell an item made into unlimited (55) the merchant will try to buy 255 of that and not an infinite amount of times. The only way that 55 quantity stays unlimited, is if you never sort, or sell that item.

Hint: Get both Black and White Magic:
Learn X-Magic to automatically get both Black and White Magic. If you are a Time Mage, Summoner, Blue Mage, or another magic caster, you can also cast two spells of that type.

Hint: Easy ability points:
Go to the Cave of Jacole and walk around for awhile. You will notice that all the monsters are easily defeated except for one, Skulleater. When you see this monster, do not attack. If you try to run, the skulleater will run before you. When it runs, you will gain 5 ability points. If you combine that with killing the easy squirrels for 1 ability point, you will end up with many points.

In World 2, in Bal Castle, go to the basement. There should be monsters called Statues there. There are groups of two or five of them, and they are worth 4 and 8 ability points respectively. You can kill them easily with either level 5 Doom (Death) or by using Soft items on them. They are also worth a lot of money if you kill them.

Hint: Easier game:
Master the Ninja, Monk, and Archer jobs. You can now make all characters travelers. Give them the X-Fight and HP 30% Up abilities with two swords on all of them to advance easily through almost the entire game.

Hint: Hidden fortune teller:
Fly twelve or thirteen squares south of Karnak in the third world to get above a "C" shaped extension of the land. Land in the middle of the "C" and go underwater to find a cave. Inside is a man that reads fortunes.

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