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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fire Emblem 4 Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Easier battles:
When entering a battle, if your opponent has an axe, use a sword; if your opponent has a sword, use a spear; if your opponent has a spear, use an axe. This way, the hit rate will be high for you and low for your opponents.

Hint: Recommended pairing:
Fury with Levin to give Sety "God-like" abilities and Fee to have good speed and magic defense.
Ira with Arden to give both Skasaher and Lakche awesome strength and defense, though speed and skill will lack slightly.
Lachesis with Holin to give Delmud the ability Holin has that negates defensive stats and to give Delmud better skill. Nanna is virtually useless without a good healing staff.
Bridget with Jamuka to give Faval three attacks per "engagement". Pati's only use is to steal money.
Adean with Mideel to start Lester off with more than a steel bow. LANA will be the same as Adean
Sylvia with Claude to make Corple have the Valkyrie Staff and that other staff Claude starts with. Leen is the same as Sylvia.
Tailto with Azel for Arthur and Teeny to have good magic attack and defense.
Noish is not that great for pairing with anyone, though his children will have decent strength.
Alec would give his children awareness and mediocre speed, though he's not good to pair with either.
Fin is decent; good strength and defense, medium skill.
Lex gives very high strength, but has low skill and speed.
Beowulf can be a good pairing, and results in between good and mediocre stats.
Dew is not very good other than his ability that steals health and he will give good speed

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