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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Frantic Flea Super Nintendo Cheats

Final Stage Password
Enter S, T, C, V, and C as your password to skip straight to the final Prison stage.

Unlimited Lives
In Zone 1-3, there are two Extra Life icons. One is at the top center, the other in the left corner of the stage. Once you collect them, let yourself be defeated. When you return, the icons will reset. Your Extra Life counter stops at nine, but the game will keep track of any lives over that.


Unlimited lives:
Locate the two extra lives in the last stage of the Whacky Labs Zone. Collect both of them, then intentionally lose your current life. Repeat this process until you accumulate twelve total lives, then resume game play with unlimited lives.

Zone Password
Zone - Password
1-1 - CLQCK
1-2 - ZMTHT
1-3 - GPPQW
2-1 - DJXCT
2-2 - WLCSN
2-3 - RLHQZ
3-1 - JMGVB
3-2 - NRWPC
3-3 - MDWQL
4-1 - MJDSX
4-2 - HFLNT
4-3 - SPQNG
5-1 - DTNZZ
5-2 - KQRXH
5-3 - JBVMH
6-1 - VSNXD
6-2 - GRXBS
6-3 - WNHJP
Final - STCVC

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