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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hal's Hole In One Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as ""Hole In One Golf""

Metal "wood" clubs:
Enter METAL_*_PLAY as a player name, where "_" indicates a space.

19th Hole:
Select practice mode and play to the end. Another hole is here, although there is no pin displayed. Move towards the out-of-bounds area in top portion of the course. Aim for the point approximately in the top left and middle portion of the screen.

Short shot:
Hold Down while the ball is mid-air to force it to fall sooner.

Sound test:
Enter Bgm as a memory shot password.

Display hole in one:
Enter CQJB83CFDFJ#H?LBBT7BJCF or B!5B9GB5SFGB3J5BB?GBMYQ as a memory shot password.

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