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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Spin jump:
When the game starts, jump on the plant over the bellhop, then jump on the ashtray and a pigeon. By jumping on the pigeon, you will be able to use a spin jump attack, which can push almost all enemies off screen.

Hint: Defeating: Harry and Marv:
Get the dart gun hidden in the Christmas tree in the last level. Use it to push them off the screen.

Hint: Level 1 to level 2 warp:
Enter room 1621 on the hotel's sixteenth floor. Get the aftershave power-up and enter room 1622. Fire all your darts in the room, then press Up in front of the closet. You will warp to level 2 with sixteen darts. Note: You must do everything while you are still powered up.

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