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Sunday, April 12, 2015

King Arthur and the Knights Of Justice Super Nintendo Cheats

View the Ending
Go to the Password screen and choose the Lady picture for each of the password slots, then press Start.


View ending sequence:
Enter The Lady, The Lady, The Lady, The Lady, The Lady as a password.

Skipping the Staff Pieces:
When told to go find the missing pieces of the staff to break the Northern wall, enter Gallop, Merlin, Brick, Trunk, Brick as a password to leave one piece left unfound. Find the piece of bread and the weary traveler and end your quest.

Enter Woman, Merlin, The Lady, Arthur, The Lady as a password. Complete The Dark Forest/Plain of the Dead area and you will be ready to storm Morgana's castle with all of the shields and keys for all your knights.

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