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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lamborghini American Challenge Super Nintendo Cheats

$6 Million to start with
For your password, enter the following: J F K B B B B B B B B B B J F K. This starts you off with $6 million.


All tracks:
Press Down, B, X at the main menu.

Drive for free:
Press Left, X, A at the main menu.

Enter JFKBBBBBBBBBBJFK as a password.

Super password:
Enter WDJCFBRPRLJBWFDL as a password for $4.8 million, all car parts, and the Cabrio.

Shooting mode:
Insert a Super Scope and start the game. You can now play in Shooting mode, where the Super Scope is used to control your car, and you can shoot opposing cars during races.

Unlimited turbos:
Allow the demonstration that follows the title screen to go to completion. Begin game play after the title screen re-appears to have unlimited turbos.

Hint: Easy money:
When competing in any race, try to get a "Careful Driver" award. To do this, do not hit any cars during the race. You will gain the same amount of the race prize. For example, if you are in the Mojave Desert Race, the prize is $28,000. If you get the "Careful Driver" award you will double the race prize ($56,000).

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