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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Madden NFL '96 Super Nintendo Cheats

Skip credits:
Reset the SNES and hold Start until the options screen appears.

Erase saved game files:
Hold Start + Select + L + R + A on controller two when powering on the SNES. A "Game Pak Statistics" screen will by displayed. Hold Down + B + Y + L + R to delete all saved game information.

View ending sequence:
Press A, Y, A, Y, L at the set-up menu to view the sequence displayed after winning the Super Bowl.

Touchdown dances:
Press Y + D-pad or B + D-pad as your player crosses the goal line to control the touchdown dance.

Quick game:
Highlight the "Quarter Length" selection on the options menu and press Y, A, Y, A, R. A 15 second option will appear.

Players Inc. (free agent) team:
Highlight the Panthers and press L, Y, B, R, A, Right, Y.

Tiburon team:
Highlight the Jaguars and press A, Y, B, A, B, Y.

EA Sports team:
Highlight the All-Madden team and press B, A, L(2), Select.

Championship teams:
Select the "Play Now" option, highlight one of the following teams, and enter the corresponding code. The team's old championship version will be available.

AFC Teams  --- Code
'65 Browns --- A, L(2), R, B
'68 Jets --- A, R(2), A, Y
'68 Colts --- B, A, L, B, A, L(2)
'69 Chiefs --- B, L(2), Y, R, A, Y
'72 Dolphins --- L, R, B(3)
'73 Bills --- A, L, A, B, Y
'76 Raiders --- B, Y, B, Y, L, A
'77 Broncos --- B, R, A, Y
'78 Seahawks --- A, L, A, R
'78 Steelers --- L, A, Y, B, R
'80 Oilers --- A, R, A, B, Y, A
'81 Chargers --- A, Y, R, B, A, L(2)
'81 Bengals --- R, A, L(2), Y
'85 Patriots --- R, A, Y, B, A, R, Y

NFC Teams --- Code
'60 Eagles --- A, L(2), Y
'62 Lions --- B, A, R(2), Y
'67 Packers --- B, A, Y, B, A, L(2)
'68 Rams --- B, A, R, L, Y
'75 Cardinals --- A, B(2), A
'76 Vikings --- B, R, A, L(2)
'78 Cowboys --- B, A, R, B, Y
'79 Buccaneers --- Y, A, R(2)
'79 Saints --- Y, A, L(2)
'80 Falcons --- L, Y, B, R, A
'82 Redskins --- L, Y, B, R, L
'84 49'rs --- B, A, Y, A, R, Y, A
'85 Bears --- Y, A, B(2), A
'86 Giants --- L, B, L, A, R(2), Y

Hint: Choose Playoff team:
At the main menu, select "Play Now". Set the "Home Team" to an NFL team. All 30 NFL teams will work and most classic teams will as well. Press Start. At the options screen, press X until you return to the main menu. Select "NFL Season Play". Choose "New Playoffs". The chosen team will be the first in their conference. Note: This trick does not work with NFLPA, All Madden, EA Sports or Tiburon teams, and will freeze the game forcing your to restart. This is because they are not assigned a conference. On most screens using the classic teams, the playoff tree and Super Bowl win screens will be glitched. Some may automatically restart the game. This is normal and therefore some classic teams do not work.

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