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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Madden NFL Super Nintendo Cheats

Championships Teams
Select the "Play Now" option, highlight one of the following teams, and enter the corresponding code. The team's old championship version will be available.

'65 Browns --- A, L(2), R, B
'60 Eagles --- A, L(2), Y
'68 Jets --- A, R(2), A, Y
'62 Lions --- B, A, R(2), Y
'68 Colts --- B, A, L, B, A, L(2)
'67 Packers --- B, A, Y, B, A, L(2)
'69 Chiefs --- B, L(2), Y, R, A, Y
'68 Rams --- B, A, R, L, Y
'72 Dolphins --- L, R, B(3)
'75 Cardinals --- A, B(2), A
'73 Bills --- A, L, A, B, Y
'76 Vikings --- B, R, A, L(2)
'76 Raiders --- B, Y, B, Y, L, A
'78 Cowboys --- B, A, R, B, Y
'77 Broncos --- B, R, A, Y
'79 Buccaneers --- Y, A, R(2)
'78 Seahawks --- A, L, A, R
'79 Saints --- Y, A, L(2)
'78 Steelers --- L, A, Y, B, R
'80 Falcons --- L, Y, B, R, A
'80 Oilers --- A, R, A, B, Y, A
'82 Redskins --- L, Y, B, R, L
'81 Chargers --- A, Y, R, B, A, L(2)
'84 49'rs --- B, A, Y, A, R, Y, A
'81 Bengals --- R, A, L(2), Y
'85 Bears --- Y, A, B(2), A
'85 Patriots --- R, A, Y, B, A, R, Y
'86 Giants --- L, B, L, A, R(2), Y

Skip Credits
Reset the SNES and hold Start until the options screen appears.

Erase Save Files
Hold Start + Select + L + R + A on controller two when powering on the SNES. A "Game Pak Statistics" screen will by displayed. Hold Down + B + Y + L + R to delete all saved game information.

View End
Press A, Y, A, Y, L at the set-up menu to view the sequence displayed after winning the Super Bowl.

TouchDown Celebration
Press Y + D-pad or B + D-pad as your player crosses the goal line to control the touchdown dance.

Faster Game
Highlight the "Quarter Length" selection on the options menu and press Y, A, Y, A, R. A 15 second option will appear.

Players Inc Team
Highlight the Panthers and press L, Y, B, R, A, Right, Y.

Team Tiburon
Highlight the Jaguars and press A, Y, B, A, B, Y.

Sports Team EA
Highlight the All-Madden team and press B, A, L x2, Select.

ChampionShip Game
Enter BBBB5GSHGH as a password.

Cheat Mode
Press L + R, A + B, at the opening screen to automatically win the coin toss and start a game with a 10 point lead. The sound of clapping will confirm correct code entry.

Glitch: Onside Kick
Do an onside kick on a kickoff, but actually kick the ball. Enter the instant replay to see half the other team's players standing, while your own players are making the tackle.

Game takes one minute
Start a game, choose teams, and select normal mode. Highlight the "Game Time" option and press L, R, L, R, X. The game will begin with fifteen second quarters.

Expansion Teams
Start a game and enter the game setup screen. Highlight the "Home" or "Visiting Team" options. Press L, R, L, R, A to play as the Jacksonville Jaguars; or L, R, L, R, Y to play as the Carolina Panthers in an exhibition game. Note: Players on both teams will be rated as 99 in all attributes.

Classic Teams
Highlight the modern version of the team when the "Play Now" text appears at the team selection screen. Enter the corresponding controller action to play as the classic version of the team.

Team - Code
Arizona Cardinals 1975 - Y, R, A, L x2
Atlanta Falcons 1980 - A, L x2, Y, R
Baltimore Browns 1986 - B, Y, R x2, Y
Buffalo Bills 1990 - B, Y, L x2, Select
Chicago Bears 1985 - A, L x2, R, B
Cincinnati Bengals 1981 - B, L, A, R, A
Dallas Cowboys 1977 - B, A, R x2, Y
Denver Broncos 1986 - L x2, Y, A, Y
Detroit Lions 1952 - Select, Y, L x2, Y
Green Bay Packers 1966 - Select, R, B, A, Y
Houston Oilers 1993 - R, Select, R, Select, Y
Indianapolis Colts 1970 - B, R, Select x2, Y
Kansas City Chiefs 1969 - L, Y, R x2, A
Miami Dolphins 1972 - A, L x2, B, Select
Minnesota Vikings 1976 - B, R x2, R x2
New England Patriots 1985 - B, L, Y, Select, A
New Orleans Saints 1987 - L, B, L, B, Select
New York Giants 1990 - B, Y, R, L, Select
New York Jets 1968 - Y x2, A, L x2
Oakland Raiders 1976 - B, R, A, L, Y
Philadelphia Eagles 1980 - B, A, L, B, Y
Pittsburgh Steelers 1978 - Select, L, A, Select, R
Saint Louis Rams 1979 - L, R x2, A, Select
San Diego Chargers 1994 - Select, A, L x2, Y
San Francisco 49ers 1988 - B, A, Y x2, R
Seattle Seahawks 1978 - A, R x2, Y x2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1979 - Right, R, L x2, Select
Washington Redskins 1982 - B, L x2, R x2

Highlight the All-Madden team when the "Play Now" text appears at the team selection screen. Press A, L x2, A, L x2.

Disable Salary Cup
Press Y, A, Select, A when the salary warning is displayed.

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