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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mega Man X Super Nintendo Cheats

Ryu's Fireball
To get this you must have everything like ALL 8 hearts,ALL sub-tanks,ALL bosses defeted(exceped Sigma,All capsuls,go to Armored Armadillo's stage and go through the stage 6 times without getting Killed,then go to Sigma,when Sigma transforms into that robot try to escape,if that does not work,let him kill you,then go back to Armored Armadillo's stage,when you get to that point when you have to jump,jump up to the top there and there should be a capsule,then you see Dr. Light in Ryu's suit,when he gets done talking jump in and Ta-Da you now have Ryu's Fireball !

Super Armor,Super Boots and Super Xbuster
When you enter the code you get all that is on the title plus you get to the second set of bosses. Turn on the game, when you get to the screen where you get to choose either start game, password, or options go to the password and hit B. Then you come up to where there are these creatures in construction hats. Right above them there are numbers. There are twelve numbers and creatures. All the numbers are the same. To change the numbers hit the up or down. and the code should be entered like this:


After you type in the code hit the start button and you get to the level with all the items.

Hint: Ice Penguin stage is important
Here's why:
1. Gives you Dash boots, which in turn are needed to get the other upgrades.
2. Gives you Shotgun Ice, which is strong against Spark Mandrill, Maverick Spider, and Velgauder.
3. Gives you one of the 8 health powerups.
4. Also gives you Chill Penguin, who is, in my opinion, the easiest boss.

Hint: Slice
Get the Boomerang Cutter. Use it on Flame Mammoth. After a few hits, his trunk will fall off, and he won't be able to shoot out oil or change the direction of the conveyor belt. Now, use it on Launch Octopus. After a few hits, his tentacles will fall off, and he won't be able to create a water spout or shoot out homing fish.

Extra lives
Go to Armored Armadillo's stage. Jump on the first mine cart and jump off, so it rolls away without you. On the ceiling there are little roosts with bats on them. Run until you see one with a different bat on it. This bat is actually from an original Mega Man game. Destroy the bat. It should drop a life. If it doesn't, run back until its roost goes completely off the screen. Run back towards the roost and the bat will be back. It will usually drop a life when shot. Repeat until you have 9 lifes!

Boss Weaknesses
Chill Pengiun- Fire Wave
Launch Octopus- Rolling Shield
Boomer Kuwanger- Hooming Missle
Storm Eagle- Chameleon Sting
Flame Mamoth- Storm Tornado
Spark Mandrill- Shotgun Ice
Sting Chameleon- Boomerang Cutter
Armored Armadillo- Spark
Sigma Stage 1 Spider Weakness- Shotgun Ice
Sigma Stage 2 Robotic Face Weakness- Chameleon Sting
Sigma Stage 3 Attack Vehicle Weakness- Boomerang Cutter
Sigma's Weakness- Spark
Sigma's Head Weakness- can only be damaged by Rolling Shield
Vile- Vile is weak against almost all weapons

A good tip with C. Sting #1.
Here is one good strategy you may like.

Here is what you do.

First (1st): Defeat Sting Chameleon or enter a code or a Game Genie code or any other type o' (of) codes or combine any type o' codes to get C. Sting (Chameleon Sting) from Sting Chameleon.

Second: After obtaining C. Sting, press start and select C. Sting or press R or L until Mega Man X (
MMX) is the color green.

Third: After
MMX is green, charge it up until MMX has pink colors around him & (and) shoot, you'll be temperarely INVINCIBLE to everything except from falling into a hole TTBO'MK (To The Best Of My Knowledge).

Easy way to defeat Strom Eagle
Storm Eagle can be a pain in the neck if you don't know how do deal with him. His biggest strength is that he can blow you off the arena. This requires the Dash Boots. When he shoots his gusts, continually press the dash button until you're close enough to him. Shooting him while dashing is also a good way to inflict major damage.

Easy Mode
For some reason, if you go through the game a certain order, the game is much easier. Do the levels in this order:

Chill Penguin
Storm Eagle
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armidillo
Flame Mammoth
Sting Chameleon
Launch Octopus
Boomer Kwanger
and, oviously, Sigma.

Easy Way to defeat Boomer Kwanger
You'll need Launch Octopuss' weapon for this. Just use the homing torpedos to induce serious damage AND make him faulter.

Upgrade Locations
These are where X can find his upgrades

Legs- Located in plain sight in Chill Penguin's level. In fact, its in such plain sight you literally can't advance without getting them.

Head- Located in Storm Eagle's Level. While scaling the large, grey wall, drop onto the other side when done. You'll find ground, and a ledge. Stand at the edge and dash-jump up to the ledge and obliterate the explosive tanks. Go throught the newly opened tunnel to recieve the head upgrade.

Chest- Located in Sting Chameleon's level. Prior to where you run for dear life from falling rocks, dash up to the side of the cavern, and fight this type of miniboss. kill it to find the chest upgrade.

Arms- Given to ou by your commerade, Zero just before he dies. Follow the main story.

Arms (Alt)- Located in flame mammoth's level. Get to where you hop onto the metal walkways above the lava. Look at the top of the screen to see these blue blocks. It takes a while, but you can reach them by dashing off the very edge of the ledge, and break the blocks with your head upgrade. Continue up to find the Arm Upgrades.

Easy way to defeat Launch Octopus
To beat Launch Octopus with ease, you need to defeat Armed Armadillo. His weapon does major damage to the invertabrate, but sadly has no amusing effects. Enjoy.

Easy way to defeat Armored Armadillo
This is one of the most annoying bosses out there, for the simple fact that he blocks so much. To take care of this, defeat spark mandrill to get his weapon, then when the Armadillo is in -plain sight, give him one shot. His armor falls off, and you go from fighting Armed Armadillo to Naked Armadillo. Now, he's really easy, and funny to look at.

Easy way to defeat Flame Mammoth
To bring the elephant down, its rather simple. Beat Storm Eagle and get his Tornado Shot. Go to Flame Mammoth's stage and find him. Use the Tornado to knock him straight on his bum. Be careful though, he weighs a lot. He's dangerous just by falling.

Easy way to defeat Spark Mandrill
Wanna show the monkey whose boss? Of course you do! First, you need to defeat chill penguin. Get his ice blaster and find Spark Mandrill. Shoot him with it to not only do major dmage, but to freeze him in his tracks. That's right! He gets frozen. Just kill him any way you choose.

Easy way to defeat Vile
Use Launch Octopus' Homing Torpedo to do massive damage. Sadly, there are not amusing effects.


Useful passwords:
Start powered-up
Enter 4152 1345 3186 as a password.

Full power
Enter 1546 3168 4761 as a password.

All items and all opponents defeated
Enter 7437 6482 1256 as a password.

All Bosses defeated; no items, armor, energy tank
Enter 4723 2486 1324 as a password.

All items and weapons
Enter 2653 3858 7584 as a password.

All items including Hadouken, all Bosses defeated
Enter 2653 3848 7587 as a password.

Armor, helmet, acceleration, several heart tanks, 3 sub tanks (All Bosses are intact)
Enter 1152 1176 2181 as a password.

Almost all heart tanks, 3 extra energy tanks, armor, helmet, boots, blaster
Enter 6544 8278 6228 as a password.

All items except for the Hadouken.
Enter 8441 2136 4421 as a password.

All power-ups except for the fireball and four hearts
Enter 1131 6718 8226 as a password.

Super armor, helmet, boots, 4 extra energy tanks
Enter 8447 2136 4426 as a password.

All heart tanks, all sub tanks, have the helmet, armor, dash boots, and arm cannon; Octopus, Penguin, Mammoth, and Kuwanger are defeated
Enter 7438 3816 1421 as a password.

Super helmet, super armor, super blaster, super acceleration
Enter 7431 3842 8523 as a password.

Helmet, leg, arm, armor, 3 energy tanks, 3 heart tanks to collect, all bosses intact
Enter 6548 7728 4554 as a password.

All levels completed, armor, super gun, helmet, boots, 4 energy tanks, all extra hearts, at Sigma with Hadouken.
Enter 8441 2176 4423 as a password.

Hadouken ready to use with all sub tanks full, all cannon upgrades, all armor uprgades, all heart tanks, and all enemies defeated except Sigma
Enter 8447 4626 6155 as a password.

Final Sigma stage
Enter 3673 2137 2484 as a password.

At Sigma past Spider and alive wall, at tanker with all the items, armor, boots, helmet, super gun
Enter 2653 3858 7584 as a password.

All armor at eighth Boss
Enter 1422 7422 3756 as a password.

Ultimate armor
Enter 5373 1284 3647 as a password.

Five levels completed, last three levels unfinished
Enter 3673 4627 3661 as a password.

All heart tanks, all sub tanks, helmet, all armor, dash boots, and Launch Octopus, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, and Boomer Kuwranger defeated
Enter 3673 3168 5574 as a password.

At last level, all sub tanks, all energy hearts, 9 lives, all sub tanks full, all items including Hadouken Fireball
Enter 8447 4666 6156 as a password.

All parts, helmet, armor, beam, shoes, all hearts, all energy tanks, all Bosses defeated except Sigma
Enter 2656 6488 3248 as a password.

All armor, subtanks, hearts, with no one defeated
Enter 3475 5668 2581 as a password.

All items, all armor, purple power-up shot, Hadouken fireball, all Bosses defeated
Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password.

All armor, weapons, and items; at final fight with Sigma
Enter 7437 6482 1256 as a password.

X starts with armor, cannon, a few heart tanks, and one energy tank; most difficult beginning Bosses defeated
Enter 8888 8888 8877 as a password.

All items, all turbo hearts, all Bosses defeated, all armor enhancements, and Hadouken
Enter 8447 4626 6155 as a password.

All weapons, no enemies defeated, full health
Start the game and allow the demo to play until X uses the "homing missiles", then go to the password screen and enter 7443 2241 1221. It will sound as a "wrong" password, but the game will take you to the very beginning, with all weapons and full health (city level).

All bosses defeated, all power-ups, all energy tanks, the Hadouken, all Hearts
Enter 2653 3848 7587 as a password.

Stronger weapons
Enter 4653 2342 7546 as a password to start with all the items, all weapons, three life packs, and all sub-Bosses defeated.

Everything, but no bosses killed
Enter 3475 5628 2593 as a password.

All armor/weapon upgrades, all Hearts and Subtanks, no Bosses killed, no special weapons
Enter 3475 5628 2583 as a password.

Dash Boots, Hard Helmet,and Pink X-Buster
Enter 6614 4387 6718 as a password.

Ending bonus:
Complete the game and wait approximately one minute at the thank you screen.

Extra life:
Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password, then go to Armored Armadillo stage. Before the boss gate , climb over the top to find found a big life power-up. Collect it, then exit the stage. Repeat this less than five times and you can find a hidden weapon next to the big life power-up. Note: Make sure the spare life is full.

Have Mega Man sit:
Begin game play on Storm Eagle's stage. Pause game play and press A, B, A(3), B(2), A, B, Select.

Hint: Getting the Hadouken fireball:
Get all items except for the Hadouken. Fill up all four energy tanks and enter the Armored Armadillo's level. Get on the cart just before the end, then jump over to the wall. Shimmy up the wall, then quit the level. Repeat this approximately five or six times until a capsule appears. Enter the capsule to gain the Hadouken. To use it, press Down, Forward, Y after your character is at full health.

Get every item, then successfully complete the Armored Armadillo level four times. Your life meter must be full at the end of each time. On the fourth time, climb up the wall at the end of the level to find a capsule that contains Dr. Light. He will give you the fireball attack. To use this, your life and all of your abilities must be full. Rotate the D-pad and press Y. Note: This status will not save and must be unlocked again with each new game session.

Note: You must have Acceleration and Helmet. Go to the Flame Mammoth stage. Get to the beginning part of the miners that throw picks at you. Notice on the left and up high are a few sections of wall that are darker then the rest. Press A, B to dash jump and break through that wall. Inside is a capsule that will pop up, and you get the Hadouken.

Get all the parts, sub-tanks, and heart tanks. Go to the Armored Armadillo stage. When you get to the last cart ride, jump. You will see the capsule by the energy. Go inside. To do the Fireball, press Down, Down/Forward, Forward.

You must get everything, then play through the Armored Armadillo stage five times getting the health item, then quitting after you get it. The fifth time you get up the ledge, there should be a capsule containing the Hadouken Fireball. To fire the Hadouken, press Down(2), Left(2), Y.

Hint: Get Upgraded X-Buster early:
The Helmet, Boots, and some luck are required for this trick. You usually get the Upgraded X-Buster from Zero, but you can get it much earlier than that. In the Flaming Mammoth Stage, there is a part where mine workers throw picks at you, and where you get the heart and sub-tank. Before you enter there, there is a small location that you can break with your helmet just at the entrance of that room. With luck, you can reach the place with your boots and break the blocks with your helmet. Then, climb straight up to get it.

Hint: Better weapons:
Hold Shoot until Mega Man turns purple, use L + R to select the desired weapon, then release.
Ice --- The ice shotgun will create an ice sled that you can ride. It will break apart when it hits an enemy that has armor.
Tornado --- The tornado will create a giant vertical tornado. It will not suck people in, but it will kill anyone who touches it.
Missiles --- The missiles will turn into blade-like objects that will have more of an effect on enemies. They are also homing.
Spark --- The spark will create two walls on both sides of you that will kill anything on contact, except for Bosses.
Sting --- The sting will make you invincible for a short amount of time. You can walk through enemies, but not walls.
Shield --- The shield will create a giant shield around you, but it will shut off after hitting something.
Blades --- The blades will turn into giant versions that make a loop before going off the screen.
Fire --- The fire will create a wall of fire that will go along on the ground until it reaches an edge. Note: It takes awhile to charge up so do not use it during Boss battles.

Hint: E-Tank locations:
Flame Mammoth stage --- Go until reaching the little opponents that throw the picks at you. Instead of going to the exit, go up the platforms until you reach the extra life. Dash left and jump to find an E-tank.

Storm Eagle stage --- Go to the part just before the hover platforms. When you see the opponent on the rising platform, kill it. Ride the platform to the building in the air, and shoot through the glass.

Armored Armadillo stage --- When you reach the first cliff with the miner machine, set the machine off, climb the wall, and run to where the machine started.

Spark Mandrill stage --- You will need to get the Boomerang Cutters first. Go to where you can climb a ladder up or down. Go down and destroy the defense units. Do not go up the next ladder. Instead, equip your Boomerangs and jump straight into the air and fire one. It will catch the E- tank and return it to you.

Hint: Boss weaknesses:
Chill Penguin: Fire
Launch Octopus: Shield
Armored Armadillo: Spark
Storm Eagle: Sting
Spark Mandrill: Ice
Sting Chameleon: Boomerangs
Boomer Kuwranger: Missiles
Flame Mammoth: Storm
Sigma's Head: Shield (does two hits and does not need to be charged)

Hint: Recommended order:
Chill Penguin (use Megabuster)
Storm Eagle (use Megabuster)
Spark Mandrill (Use S. Ice)
Armored Armadillo (Use E. Spark and Megabuster)
Flame Mammoth (Use Storm T.)
Launch Octopus (Use R. Shield and Megabuster)
Boomer Kuwranger (Use Homing T. with lots of energy tanks)
Sting Chameleon (Use B. Cutter)

Alternately, use the following order:
Storm Eagle
Flame Mammoth
Chill Penguin
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armadillo
Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwranger
Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order:
Chill Penguin
Storm Eagle
Flame Mammoth
Launch Octopus
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armadillo
Boomer Kuwanger
Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order:
Chill Penguin
Storm Eagle
Flame Mammoth
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armadillo
Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwranger
Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order, using the weapon of the previously defeated Boss to defeat the next Boss.
Chill Penguin
Spark Mandrill
Armored Armadillo
Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwranger
Sting Chameleon
Storm Eagle
Flame Mammoth

Use the following order if you do not want to return to too many stages for the power-ups and capsules. Note: You will not be able to use most, if any of the Boss weaknesses by doing this.
Chill Penguin
Armored Armadillo
Launch Octopus
Storm Eagle
Sting Chameleon
Boomer Kuwanger
Flame Mammoth
Spark Mandrill

Hint: Extra lives in Armored Armadillo stage:
At the very beginning of Armored Armadillo's stage, there is a cart that goes down for a short distance before leveling out again. On the ceiling are a few places where the roof juts out a bit. On each of these is a bat. On around the fifth one is a small black ball that when you approach reveals itself to be another bat, though you do not see these anywhere else. They are actually visitors from some of the original Megaman games. You cannot shoot them while they are in ball form. Wait for them to start flying towards you. Also, these bats happen to give you an extra life quite often, so this is a good place to stock up.

Instead of taking the wheeled cart, walk down instead. On the way down the slopeyou will see a huge bat. Kill the bat and it will usually drop a life. Do this repeatedly to get as many lives as desired.

To do this trick, you must have all the power-ups except the Hadouken Fireball. Go to the Armored Armadillo stage and on the very first cart, do not get on it. Instead, start walking until there is a brown round ball on the roof. It is actually a bat. Shoot it with the second powered up X-Buster and an extra life will appear. Do this as many times as desired.

Hint: Easy Subtank fill-up in Armored Armadillo stage:
the rolling shield to create a shield around yourself, then just walk along the beginning ramp and let the shield wipe out the bats without worrying about taking any damage.

Hint: Dash boots in Chill Penguin's stage:
After the rolling enemies and the bats, wall jump up the rock wall. The dash boots will be in a capsule just after the ledge you land on

Hint: Armor upgrade in Sting Chameleon stage:
Before you enter the tunnel with the falling rocks, climb up the wall above it. There will be a green machine there. Fight it. Note: Its weak point is the head. When you defeat it, a capsule will appear from the ground. The armor upgrade will be inside. Note: This will also stop the falling rocks in the tunnel.

Before you go into the cave where the rocks fall from the ceiling, dash jump onto the ledge and wall kick up it. Once you reach the top, a tower of rocks will fall behind you, and a powerful claw enemy will attack. Shoot at its head and dash under it when it jumps. Wall kick up the wall when it uses its claw attack. After you defeat it, an upgrade capsule will appear containing the Power Armor. The rock tower behind you will explode and no rocks will fall in the cave, except for the rock throwing enemies.

Hint: Energy Extender at Sting Chameleon stage:
Go to the place where the rocks fall from the roof. Do not go in. There will be a hole there. Slide down it. On the right side, there should be brown bricks. Jump from side to side until they all break. When you are done breaking bricks, stand there and dash forward before you are at the edge. If you make it across, the Energy Extender should be there on a platform.

Hint: Helmet upgrade in Storm Eagle's stage:
After the series of platforms and flamethrower enemies, you will reach a tower that you must wall kick to advance. Slide down the opposite side and dash jump onto the ledge. Inside a room is the Helmet upgrade.

Hint: Energy Extender at Launch Octopus stage:
Go forward until you see a tornado-like thing that goes up. It is blue in color. Get on one and you will go up out of the ocean. If you do not see a ship with oil cans on it and little flying robots that appear, keep going forward. If you see more, go on them until you see a ship. It will be on the right side. On the front of it is something that resembles a blue circle. Shoot it with your fire until it starts smoking. Stay on it. It will sink. Wait until it touches the bottom. You will fight a metal snake. Defeat it and it will explode. When it is done exploding, keep going to the right and the Energy Extender should be there.

Hint: Fill health tanks and weapons energy in Sigma's stage:
You will start at the bottom of a "pit". Charge yourself with the shield weapon so that you have a shield around you. Climb up the wall and stand next to the holes on either side where the bugs come out. Keep jumping up on the wall and stay directly on the hole. The bugs will come out and your shield will kill them. Each time you kill them you will get an item such as an extra life, health, or energy for your weapons.

Hint: Defeating Armored Armadillo:
Shoot the Armored Armadillo with your electric spark gun when he is vulnerable. It will electrocute him, all his armor will fall off, and he will be much easier to kill.

Hint: Defeating Flame Mammoth:
Get the Boomerang Cutter and go to Flame Mammoth's stage. When you reach him, use the Bommerang Cutter on him. After a few hits, his trunk will fall off, and he will not be able to shoot out oil or change the conveyor belt's direction.

Hint: Defeating Launch Octopus:
To get rid of Launch Octopus's Piranha "homing missiles", use the Boomerang Cutter a few times to cut off his arms.

Hint: Defeating Sigma:
Use the Sting Shot.

For Sigma's head, if you sit on the right hand, slightly to the left, you will not get hit as much. You can just stand there and shoot him.

When battling Sigma's last form, use Rolling Shield on his head. Do a jump, then shoot. Note: This seems to be the only weapon that can damage him.

Hint: Defeating Sigma's pet:
The Wind weapon is most effective.

Hint: Defeating Storm Eagle:
Get the Dash Boots on Chill Penguin's level. Then, go to Storm Eagle's level and proceed until you battle him. When he is on foot, he might spit out mini-eagles at you or try to blow you off the plane. When he spits the mini-eagles out, dodge them with Dash, then destroy them. If he tries to blow you off the plane, dash towards him and fire at him. Keep firing until he flies back up. When he swoops down at you, keep dodging him. Repeat this process until he is defeated.

Use the following trick complete the Storm Eagle stage in ten seconds or less. Start the level and jump on the moving platforms with the robots that grab you and explode. Jump to the levels with a robot that shoots a spiked ball and chain. You can complete the level instantly. Jump and shoot the ball as it is about to hit you. If done correctly, and you cannot get hit, the screen should fade and you should receive the Storm Tornado.

Hint: Defeating Vile:
When Zero destroys Vile's powerful armor, you will start fighting Vile. Use missiles. They are very effective against him.

Hint: Defeating the last master:
Keep climbing wall on left side all the way to the top while recharging your shot. When he jumps off the wall directly under you, jump off the wall, then shoot and rapidly climb the wall again. You should be away from his offense, and in the air he has no defense.

Hint: Password warning:
You cannot save the Hadouken (fire ball) in a password, nor can you save where you were in the fortress using a password. You will have to always get the Hadouken again and redo the fortress.

Level Password
Level --- Password
After Vile --- 5385 7136 6321
Chill Penguin defeated --- 6385 5336 5364
Storm Eagle defeated --- 6483 7376 5124
Flame Mammoth defeated --- 1573 5232 7264
Spark Mandrill defeated --- 5131 7358 4181
Armored Armadillo defeated --- 5147 8437 4536
Launch Octopus defeated --- 1556 6642 7448
Boomer Kuwranger defeated --- 5151 3427 4261
Extra Life Tank --- 5447 4177 4536
Sting Chameleon defeated --- 4131 6712 1221

Glitch: Invisible enemies:
Start Flame Mammoth stage and go to the place by that huge treadmill that drops robots out and smashes them. Jump on the big robot heads and jump up in to the hole it fell from. After you run across the top of the screen, you can skid and jump of a ledge onto a far out platform where all enemies are invisible. Note: If you fall you will lose a life.

Glitch: Start with no life:
Enter 7443 2241 1221 as a password. The game will beep as if it is wrong, but the password will still be accepted. You will start at the highway with 0 out of 0 max bars of life. You cannot go anywhere, and will have to reset.

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