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Friday, June 26, 2015

Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge Super Nintendo Cheats

Change name:
Press L, A, B, L at the title screen. Change the default name (Partner) and press Start to begin game play.

Change difficulty:
Complete the game and view the ending credits. In any subsequent game, press B, A, L(2) at the title screen. The screen will change colors to confirm correct code entry. Begin another game to access a menu that will allow difficulty to be set to low, medium, or high.

Delete all saved game data:
Press Up(2), Down(2), L, R, L, R at the title screen.

Delete Standings data:
Press L, R, L, R at the title screen to display the data clear screen.

Demonstration mode:
Hold Right.

Alternate opponent costumes:
Before a one or two player battle, hold L+ R to your opponent appear in a gold costume, or R+ X to make them appear in an alternate color. You must keep the buttons held until the enemy ST appears on the screen. If it does work at first, try holding the buttons down earlier than you would usually do.

Fight as ST Tornado:
Complete normal training and reset the game. Press B, A, B, Y at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select "No", when prompted to continue, to fight as Falcon or Tornado.

Hint: Defeating GARAM2:
You can easily defeat GARAM2 in less than ten seconds with FALCON. First, charge a Treble Energy Bolt (it gives you the necessary time for it), then fire it at his chest. After GARAM receives the shot, he will jump, and you will see a small red-flashing point in his waist. That is his weak point. Aim carefully and shoot a Single Energy Bolt to it (again, he will give the necessary time to do it) and he will be destroyed no matter how much energy he has. Obviously, you have to aim very carefully when he jumps in order to shot him in the waist.

Hint: Defeating SIAMANG:
Charge a Treble Energy Bolt and shoot it at his tail. Repeat this step and he will be defeated.

Hint: Defeating ST WONG:
Charge a Treble Energy Bolt, and shoot it at one of his shields (hands). He will show you the opposite "elbow" (flashing red) of the shield you shot. For example, if you shot the left hand, then he will show right elbow and vice versa. Charge a Single Energy Bolt, aim very carefully and shoot it at the elbow which he showed you. If you hit the elbow, the shield will explode. Immediately after that the ST will open a cannon (flashing red) located in his head. Shoot this with a Single Energy Bolt. With the destruction of one of his shields and his head, you will seriously damage him (nearly 70% of his energy will be gone). If you miss the shot to his elbow, simply charge a Treble Energy Bolt and start again. It is very hard to hit it because it trembles a lot.

Hint: Defeating ARACHNUS:
It is not very difficult to defend against ARACHNUS. If you destroy his stomach, and if you have enough bombs, fire one to him when he is doing his attack. He will immediately stop doing it, and give you enough time to charge Single, Double and even Treble Energy Bolts to shoot him until he can be destroyed.

Hint: Easier dark fight:
Towards the end of the single player game, you will have to fight an ST in the dark. To make this battle easier, use the "Lightning Bomb" and the room will be illuminated properly for a fair fight.

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