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Monday, June 29, 2015

Metal Warriors Super Nintendo Cheats

Baseketball mode:
Wait for the Konami logo to change to a white background during the opening sequence. Hold Left + L + A on controller one and Up + Y + Select + R on controller two. Keep the buttons held until the LucasArts logo appears. Then select the "?????" option at the title screen to enter Basketball mode.

Hint: More damage:
Press A when close to an opponent.

Level hints:
Level 1 - Locate the area where your character goes down and finds a wall constructed of large round objects. Use a missile to blast through the wall and find a spider mech.
Level 2 - Use small missiles to blast through the large missiles to find a new gun at one point in the level.
Level 3 - Fly up and left from the start of the level to find a wall. Blast through it to find a better gun.

Special head-to-head mode:
Successfully complete the game, then return to the main menu. A ?????? option will be unlocked. This is a special head-to-head mode, where player one is in a Nitro, but is shaped like a basketball player. Player two is a Ballistic, but shaped like a basketball, with what appears to be a programmer's head inside. These two armors work exactly like they do normally, but with different graphics. The battle takes place in a strange battlefield where the gas tanks have been replaced with a fat sumo wrestler, the little destroyable blocks are milk bottles, and various other weird things. Note: You may need to kill the Axis Leader before reaching the shaft with the Nitro to unlock this mode.

The Tower bonus level:
Successfully complete level 7 without using any continues up to that point.

Secret platform:
When in the Ice stage in two player mode, use the Spider and get the upside-down item. Go to the far end and go to the lift. Move back a bit and use the upside-down item to reach the highest point of the level. You should see a few dots. Land on top of it and you will be standing on them. This will not work with any more warriors.

Glitch: Walk in space:
Get to the level where you need to defend the ship. Go to the left side of the ship then get out of your mech. You might have to destroy enemies first. Fly left, then stop and you will walk on it without seeing any platforms.

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