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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monopoly Super Nintendo Cheats

Hint: Bargain buys:
Land on an unowned property and place a bid instead of buying the deed. Enter a low bid and select the up or down arrow to buy the property at that price.

Hint: Easy money:
Use the following trick to get money quickly without getting rent from someone. Once you get you and your friend, get the tokens and press B. You will be at the menu. Select "Set Cash", and choose your name or your friend's name. Then, press Up to raise or press Down to lower the money. After that, press A to go back to the menu. You can also set your token, get your deeds, etc. After that, press B to start the game. Note: If you raise or lower your money, the maximum to raise it is $30,000. The lower limit is $0. Use this to assign the CPU less money, and you more.

Hint: Mr. Monopoly's real name:
His real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Hint: Get Boardwalk and $200 faster:
Use the "Easy money" trick and go to "Place Token". Set it on the Community Chest before the "Go" space, then start the game. Tap A and you should land on the Boardwalk. On your next turn, roll and you will pass Go and get $200 fast.

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