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Friday, July 17, 2015

Mortal Kombat 3 Super Nintendo Cheats

Kool Stuff
Up, Up, down, down, left, right, A, B, A entered onto the screen with start and options will bring up the Kool Stuff bar.

Scott stuff
On the start/option screen do x,b,a,y,up,left,down,right,and then press down. warning the code should be done right!

At title screen enter select,a,b,foward,back,down,down,up ,up. Which gets you Kooler Stuff. It may take a couple of tries.


Fight as Smoke:
Hold Left + A on the copyright screen until it disappears. Hold Right + B on the Williams screen until it disappears. Then, hold X + Y until Smoke appears. Note: Your opponents will be much tougher, regardless of difficulty setting.

Eight man endurance mode:
Hold L + R and press Start to select Vs. Tournament mode. For random character selection press Up + Start.

Sound test:
Press A, Y, B, X, Select an the Start/Options screen.

Random character select:
Highlight Shang Tsung and press Up + Start. For player two, highlight Liu Kang and press Up + Start on controller two.

Hidden character select:
Sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle and press Select on the character selection screen. For player two, perform the same sweep counter-clockwise.

Thirty Kredits:
Press Select, A, B, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2) at the Start/Options screen.

Unlimited continues:
Have both players use the "Hidden character select" code and remain on the same character. Then, allow the game to choose the fighters.

Cheat menus:
Enter one of the following series of controller actions on the "Start Game" screen to display the corresponding cheat menu.

Kool Stuff
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, A, B, A.

Kooler Stuff
Press Select, A, B, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2).

Scott's Stuff
Press X, B, A, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down. Note: For easy moves, enable this code, pause game play, execute the move, then resume game play.

Press Select, Back, Forward, Down(2), Up(2) for a menu that allows you to activate one button fatalities, animalities, babalities, friendships, as well as play as Shao Kahn, Motoro, and Smoke.

Easy fatalities:
Enable the cheat menu and turn on "Enable Fatalities". Press one of the following buttons to execute the corresponding fatality.
Friendship: Press A.
Animality: Press X.
Fatalities: Press Y and B.
The Pit 3 and The Subway Fatalities: Press L.
Babality: Press R.

Display version:
Hold L + R and power on the SNES. A version number screen will be displayed.

Fight as a Boss against the CPU:
Use the cheat menus to enable the Bosses. Then, go to the two player character selection screen. Enable the "Unlimited continues" code and wait for the mission selection screen (Novice, Warrior, Master). Select one of those choices. Then, do the "Hidden character select" code by pressing Start on the second controller before pressing Start on the first controller when the match starts. Wait for the icon to move through the Bosses and make a selection.

Kombat Kodes:
Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Press Y, B, and A on controller one to select the first three characters of the Kode, and those same buttons on controller two for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned:

Abbreviation --- Presses --- Character
D --- 0 --- Dragon
M --- 1 --- MK Logo
Y --- 2 --- Ying-Yang
3 --- 3 --- Three
? --- 4 --- Question Mark
L --- 5 --- Lightning Bolt
G --- 6 --- Goro
R --- 7 --- Raiden
K --- 8 --- Shao Kahn
S --- 9 --- Skull

Kombat Kode --- Effect
?3Y-Y3? --- More Energy, No Time
SKR-MY3 --- Hidden Energy Bar
G?Y-?GK --- Play the old arcade game Galaga!
D33-LG? --- Winner fights Shao Kahn
YDL-YDL --- Winner fights Smoke
RGS-3?Y --- Winner fights Noob Saibot
SGS-M?M --- Winner fights Motaro
SKR-DM3 --- No energy bars
DYD-DYD --- No blocking
MDD-MDD --- No throwing
DSM-YS3 --- No Sweeping
?GG-?GG --- Unlimited running
SLL-SLL --- Max Fatilty Time
S??-S?? --- 1 Button Fatalities
GKK-?YY --- Dark Kombat
G?M-?GK --- Galaga
RDR-DDD --- Player 1 at 1/4 energy
DDD-RDR --- Player 2 at 1/4 life
D33-DDD --- Player 1 at 1/2 energy
DDD-D33 --- Player 2 at 1/2 life
YKY-YKY --- No Fear Kombat
RYY-RYY --- No Kombos
3SD-DDD --- Player 1 does 1/2 damage
3SD-3SD --- Inflict 1/2 damage
DDD-3SD --- Player 2 does 1/2 damage
GKK-?33 --- Fast Uppercut recovery
3YM-RKS --- Super Run Jumps
GKK-GKK --- Fast Uppercut Recover
??S-??S --- Invisibility
LLL-LLG --- No Special Moves!
DMY-DMY --- Auto Health Recover
YYM-LLR --- Uppercut to next level
?GD-?GD --- Switcheroo
SKS-KSK --- Auto Tourney
MSM-MSM --- Hyper Fighting
MYD-MYD --- View Credits
?GD-?GD --- Random Selection of opponent
SKR-GGG --- Flippers Message
SKR-GLL --- Play Slots
MY3-SYG --- "There is no knowledge that is not power"
SKL-MYL --- Psycho Kombat: Dark, random, no blocks, quick uppercut recovery

Hint: Cyrax: Moves:
Hold LK and press Back(2), HK or Forward(2), HK.
Exploding Teleport: Press Forward(2), Down(2), L.
Energy Net: Press Back(2), Y.
Grenade: Hold Y and press Forward(2), B.

Hint: Ermac: Moves:
Fireball: Press Down, Back, X
Psychic Force Slam: Press Back, Down, Back, B.
Teleport Punch: Press Down, Back, A.

Hint: Human Smoke: Moves:
Get Over Here: Press Back(2), X.
Teleport Punch: Press Down, Back, A.
Air Flip Toss: Press L while in the air with an opponent.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Jade: Moves:
High Boomerang: Press Back, Forward, A.
Straight Boomerang: Press Back, Forward, X.
Low Boomerang: Press Back, Forward, Y.
Invinsibility: Press Back, Forward, B.
Shadow Strike Kick: Press Down, Forward, Y.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Jax: Moves:
Missile: Press Back, Forward, A.
Streaking Punch: Press Forward(2), B.
Grab Punches: Press Forward(2), A.
Pick Up Slam: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Johnny Cage: Moves:
Shadow Uppercut: Press Back, Down, Back, A.
Shadow Kick: Press Back, Forward, Y.
Fireball: Press Down, Forward, X.
High Fireball: Press Forward, Down, Back, A.
Judo Hip Toss: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Kabal: Moves:
Fireball: Press Back(2), A.
Flash!: Press Back, Forward, Y.
Ground Saw: Press Back(3), R.
Krazy Club Slam: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Kabal: Babality:
Press Run(2), LK.

Hint: Kano: Moves:
Knife Toss: Press Down, Back, A.
Knife Uppercut: Press Down, Forward, A.
Grab & Choke: Press Down, Forward, X.
Air Snapmare: Press L while in air with an opponent.
Snapmare: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Kitana: Moves:
Fan Lift: Press Back(2), A.
Fan Toss: Press Forward(2), A + X.
Square Style Punch: Press Down, Back, A.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Kung Lao: Moves:
Hat Throw: Press Back, Forward, X.
Teleport: Press Down, Up.
Double Teleport: Press Down(2), Up.
Dive Kick: Press Down, B while in the air.
Jumping Razor's Edge: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Liu Kang: Moves:
High Fireball: Press Forward(2), A.
Low Fireball: Press Forward(2), X.
Flying Side Kick: Press Forward(2), B.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near an opponent.
Bicycle Kick: Hold B for five seconds, then release.

Hint: Nightwolf: Moves:
Hatchet Uppercut: Press Down, Forward, A.
Shadow Charge: Press Forward(2), Y.
Bow And Arrow: Press Down, Back, X.
Arm Grab Slam: Press X near an opponent.

Hint: Noob Saibot Moves:
Teleport Bomb: Press Down, Up.
Shadow Judo Flip Toss: Press Forward(2), A.
Darkness Freeze: Press Down, Forward, X.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Noob Saibot: Name origin:
Spell out Noob Saibot's name backwards to get "Tobias Boon", the last names of two of the game's creators.

Hint: Rain: Moves:
Thunder Strike: Press Back(2), A.
Paralyze Ball: Press Down, Forward, A.
Super Hook Kick: Press Back, B (will not work on Bosses).
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Reptile: Moves:
Slide: Press Back + L + X + Y.
Runnin' Elbow: Press Back, Forward, Y.
Fast Forceball: Press Forward(2), A + X.
Slow Forceball: Press Back(2), A + X.
Acid Spit: Press Forward(2), A.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Scorpion: Moves:
Get Over Here: Press Back(2), X.
Teleport Punch: Press Down, Back, A.
Flying Punch: Press Down, Forward, A.
Air Flip Toss: Press L with opponent in air.
Judo Flip Toss: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Sektor: Moves:
Teleport Uppercut: Press Forward(2), Y.
Missile: Press Forward(2), X.
Double Missiles: Press Back(2), Forward, X.
Target Lock Missile: Press Forward, Down, Back, A.
Squash Arm Slam: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Shang Tsung: Moves:
Fireball: Press Back, Forward, A.
Double Fireball: Press Back(2), Forward, A.
Triple Fireball: Press Back(2), Forward(2), A.
Underground Fireballs: Press Forward(2), Back(2), Y.
Flip Toss To Arm Slam: Press X near opponent.

Hint: Smoke: Infinite combo:
Unlock the "Scott's Stuff" and the "Kooler Stuff" menus. Enable the Fast Uppercut Recovery, Unlimited Run, Smoke, and Health Recovery options. Then, select Smoke, and at the battle screen, use the Spear by pressing Back(2), LK or LP. When the opponent is pulled by the spear, do an uppercut. Repeat the steps until the opponent dies. You can do up to 50 hits and 100% damage by doing this trick.

Hint: Smoke: Invisibility:
Press Forward + Block + Run a few times. Smoke should do his winning salute, then burst into flames and disappear. Press Jump toward him and press Kick. Even if he blocks, he will turn back; do this with caution.

Hint: Sub-Zero: 2-hit 43%:
Keep your opponent still by freezing him, then uppercut him (Down + HP). Before he lands, freeze him (the blast going forward) then uppercut him. You have to have the quick uppercut recovery code enabled. If you get lucky and get up the second time very fast give him a low kick to get 53%.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
Enable the "Scott's Stuff" cheat menu and disable blocks. When you fight the Bosses, use any character and keep jump kicking them. This works on both Motaro and Shao Kahn.

Hint: Continuous moves:
Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. Set the game on no blocks set A to auto-fire. Select Lui Kang or Kano. Lui Kang will do an everlasting bicycle kick, and Kano will keep rolling at the opponent. Note: Do not do this on a two player game.

Glitch: Various character actions:
Sindel does not pick you up when she throws you:

When Shang Tsung does his animality, your face appears in his mouth.

When Sub-Zero does the fatality where he picks you up, freezes you and breaks you apart, he puts his hands up. You will appear in his hands and the bones appear before he breaks it.

When Kung Lao throws his hat he still has his hat on.

When you do Babality on someone with their second costume, it turns them into a baby with their first costume. For example, Lui Kang's orange pants turn red.

When Sindel does her fatality where she wraps her hair around you and spins you around, all she does is wrap her hair around you and some invisible scissors cut her hair. There is hair on Sindel and hair wrapped around the other person.

Glitch: No rules:
If you have some of the cheats activated from the Kool, Kooler, and Scott's stuff menu, activate Max Fatality Time and One Button Finishers. Sometimes when it says "FINISH HIM/HER", you can still fight. The opponent will get out of his/her winning stance. Note: This happens when you lose the round/match. Also, when Max Fatality Time is over, both fighters will pose.

Glitch: Stryker wins:
Get any character. Sometimes when you or your opponent is about to make the kill on "FINISH HIM/HER!", press one of the buttons and you will just be in the winning stance and have to wait for the MFT to end. The CPU can also do this.

Glitch: Shang Tsung's Ice Clone:
This trick requires perfect timing. If you know that you are about to turn back into Shang Tsung, morph into Sub Zero. Then when you are about to turn into his regular form, do the Ice Clone (Down, Back, LP). You will turn into regular form, but you will do the Ice Clone, with orange ice.

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