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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NHL '94 Super Nintendo Cheats

Stanley Cup Finals
Enter BJFC1CCM1XX9VJDG as a password to play as the Los Angeles against Montreal in the Stanley Cup finals.


Stanley Cup finals:
Enter one of the following passwords to play as that team in the Stanley Cup finals.
Team - Password
Anaheim Mighty Ducks - HL6N42ZD3F44SNSH
Boston Bruins - C40DPDDP79PDD9R5
Buffalo Sabres - CD3004DNLX6Y29PK
Detroit Redwings - DH05ZDFSRH5MK32V
Florida Panthers - FTBJZ8R1XRT67RWF
Los Angeles Kings - BJFC1CCM1XX9VJDG
Montreal Canadiens -  F48D1SLCZ6XFXRWG
New Jersey Devils - CSOK8M86DY2GH79X
Ottawa Senators - HZ2ZTRJ50M2HR879
Philadelphia Flyers - DBFWGD197SHTH8DJ
Pittsburgh Penguins - DWX4BM0PGBXLVW01
San Hose Sharks - G785443KBYKM2YF3
Tampa Bay Lightning - GBR57JKGXN1PQLML
Vancouver Canucks - DPHL05RWTBMCYMLM
Washington Capitol - FZSPR8BXNNR21T2S
Winnipeg Jets - CZLX3SJFVTYLGS1F

Hint: Easy scoring:
Have the player with the puck go to one side behind the net and then come out the other. Shoot it in the large gap between the goalie and the post.

Perform a "one-timer" (a quick cross ice pass in the opponent's zone after which the player receiving the pass shoots quickly) to score easily.

Hint: Return to game faster after hit:
If you get hit, do not press B and switch to another person. Instead, remain on the player that got knocked down and immediately press Y. The player will get up right away, while hooking or holding, and return to the game faster.

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