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Saturday, August 8, 2015

NHL '98 Super Nintendo Cheats

Before you turn on your game, hold the L+R buttons. Then Turn the power switch on. Keep holding it when you get to the stanley cup screen, press START but keep holding L+R. When you get to the main menu keep holding L+R until you hear someone say "EA Sports" confirming that you did the code right. Now you can play as The teams Ea Sports or THQ in exhibition. The better team is THQ! Also when you creat a player, Instead of having 360 points to spend, you use 1000 Points.


Cheat mode:
Turn on the SNES and hold L + R at the Stanley Cup screen. Press and release Start at that screen while continuing to hold the other buttons. Release L + R after the announcer says "EA Sports". 1000 attribute points will be available for player creation and the EA Sports Gamers and THQ Angry Legion teams will be available for selection. The players on the bonus teams have 100s in each category.

Hint: Have CPU opponent change goalies:
Score five goals on a CPU opponent.

Hint: Pull opponent's goalie:
Pause game play, then go to the controllers screen. Switch your controller to the opponent's team. Then, go to change goalie. Next, pull the goalie and return your controller to your team. When the opponent's team changes goalie, repeat the process.

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