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Monday, August 10, 2015

NHL Stanley Cup Super Nintendo Cheats

Fake shots:
Press B + Y.

Easy goals:
Get to the center of the blue line, then press X. If done correctly, the puck will go over the goalie's head.

Get the puck in the neutral zone, have the defenseman or center go to the boards. When the winger gets parallel to your player with the puck on the boards, pass it to him. Some goalies, but not all of them, will walk around the net, leaving it wide open. Just flip it in, preferably with the wrist shot (press B) for a goal.

Take the puck. Press X in the middle of the hash marks just between the goalie and blue line and dump the puck over the net. The goalie should go around to get it. As the puck goes off the boards behind the net it will come right out in front of the net and back to you. You should now have an empty net to shoot towards.

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