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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out Of This World Super Nintendo Cheats

To select levels
Enter on the continue screen:

LDKD- Face the beast
HTDC- In the cage
CLLD- Air ducts

LBKG- Entrance to the underground caverns
XDDJ- Destroy wall
FXLC- Big Rock

KRFK- Flood cavenrs
KLFB- Release friend
DDRX- Disconect power

HRTB- Drop Orb
BRTD- Escape City
TFBB- Outside City

TXHF- Find the tank
CKJL- Eject from tank
LFCK- Final escape


Level Passwords
Level - Password
1 - LDKD
2 - HTDC
3 - CLLD
4 - LBKG
5 - XDDJ
6 - FXLC
7 - KRFK
8 - KLFB
9 - TTCT
10 - HRTB
11 - BRTD
12 - TFBB
13 - TXHF
14 - CKJL
15 - LFCK

Hint: Layout of the world:
When Lester reaches the first and only elevator in the game, you will have two choices of which path to take. If you go down, you will then be on the path to continue with the game. If you actually go up instead, you will go up one level to the top and can see a dome room with one barred window. If you look out that window, you then can see what the rest of their world really looks like before you actually continue into it.

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