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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pretty Soldier: Sailor Moon R Super Nintendo Cheats

Fight as same character:
Choose the "Action" or "Competition" option and highlight the two player selection. Hold L + R + Select and press Start. Both players may now choose the same character.

Two player Chibiusa mode:
Highlight the "Chibiusa" selection, hold L + R + Select and press Start. A new menu will appear.

Change pose view:
After the senshi transform, when they are posing, press Up and the view will go down. Press Down and the view will go back up.

Alternate costume colors:
Hold R, L, Select, X, B, or A while choosing a fighter at the character selection screen. Note: Some characters have only different parts of the fuku (suit) that changes color.

Hidden music:
Play the number 20 in sound test to hear some music that is not in the game.

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