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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rise Of The Robots Super Nintendo Cheats

Fight as Boss
Press Up, Right, Down, Left, B at the mode selection screen. Choose two player mode to access the Supervisor Robot as a fighter.

View animation sequences
Press Left, B, Right, B, Down, Left, Right, B at the player selection screen.

Press Down, B, Up, B, Down, Left, Right, B at the player selection screen to be invincible in trainer or missinon modes.

Super moves
The following super moves may be used in a two player game after activating that selection at the option screen.
Reverse opponent's controls --- Forward(3), Forward + Any Button
Take no damage --- Back(3), Back + Any Button
Invisibility --- Up(3), Up, + Any Button
Disable Special Moves --- Down(3), Down + Any Button

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