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Friday, November 6, 2015

Robocop vs. The Terminator Super Nintendo Cheats

Bonus Level
If you enter the code HKFL on the password screen you will be warped to the level after the Skynet destroyer.

Level - Password
2 - DLTC
3 - MWSX
4 - TPST
5 - BSHK
6 - SKTR
7 - SKMD
8 - DRFT
9 - SKNN
10 - MWFX
Ending - HUSD

Strange Credits
Finish the game and during the credits screen, press B. After the original credits screen, you'll see strange credits like "Thanks to Bill Clinton" and "The Beatles."


Pause game play, then hold L and press X, A, B, Y(2), R, L. The sound of a gun shot will confirm correct code entry.

Alternate credits:
Complete the game and press B during the credits. Credits thanking Bill Clinton, The Beatles, and others will appear.

Level Passwords
Level - Password
1 - DLTC
2 - MWSX
3 - TPST
4 - BSHK
5 - HKFL
6 - SKTR
7 - SKMD
8 - DRFT
9 - SKNN
10 - MWFX
11 - RNTM
End - FNSH

Glitch: Invisible ladder:
Hold X while climbing a ladder. You can keep going up.

Glitch: Invisible hole in the wall:
On the level where you fight the ED-209, you can get the invincibility by just jumping through the pillars.

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