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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rockman And Forte Super Nintendo Cheats

Extra screws:
When saving your game, instead of pressing Y, press Start(2). This will give you extra screws needed to buy special items in the shop.

Delete saved data:
Highlight the "Continue" option at the main menu, then hold L + R + Select + Start. A sound and screen change will confirm correct code entry. Press Y to delete your data or B to abort.

Hint: Easy Bolts:
Buy the Exit part and complete Burner Man's stage first. Then, go to Burner Man's stage again. When you get to the part where a group of green birds swoop down, just keep shooting them. You will get a lot of needed Bolts to buy the parts you need. Once you get 999 Bolts, exit the stage, buy parts, and repeat.

Hint: Easy lives:
Buy the Exit part and complete Tengu Man's stage. Then go to Tengu Man's stage again. Keep going through the stage until you see a very easy extra life to collect that is near the beginning of the stage. Exit the stage, and keep returning until your lives are at maximum.

Hint: Full life:
Before fighting King, equip the Auto Energy (the one that gives you a little bit of life every few seconds). When Protoman comes down to talk to King, do not press A, B, or Start. Allow the game to idle until your energy is replenished.

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