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Monday, November 23, 2015

Samurai Showdown Super Nintendo Cheats

Also known as "Samurai Shodown"

Use Amakusa
Press [SHIFT] and [ALT] while playing and type the folowing codes:
TENERD = Satellite Without Com Tower
TEBUFFY = God Mode
TEDEADITE = Unlimited Ammo
TERAT = Unlimited Scrap


Fight as Amakusa:
Quickly press A, Y, X, B at the Takara logo screen. Hold L + R during character selection in versus mode or countdown mode to transform into Amakusa.

Alternate costumes:
Highlight any character and press Select, Y, or X while choosing them. Note: This cannot be done in Count Down mode.

Fight as Wan Fu's Brother:
Highlight Wan Fu and press Select, Y, or X while selecting him.

Amakusa's moves:
Taunt: Heavy Slash or Kick
Force Ball: All four buttons at once.
Kamikaze Bomber: Triangle Jump, then A.
Fire Dragon: Quarter Circle Back, Slash.
Teleport: Quarter Circle Forward, then Slash to go forward or Kick to go back.

Hint: Defeating Amakusa:
Select Galford or Hanzo. When Amakusa is next to you, do the Triangle Jump and do the Heavy Slash over her head. Repeat this during the entire round time.

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