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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stargate Super Nintendo Cheats

Secret room:
There is a secret room that will with supplies and energy available during the battle with Ra. Jump to the bottom of the screen and move off the right edge of the screen.

Status --- Password
Hunt For The Traitors --- Water, Triangle, Beetle, Water, Beetle, Blank, Eye
Armory Assault --- Door, Beetle, Foot, Water, Blank, Door, Eye
Hunt For Sha'uri --- Water, Triangle, Beetle, Water, Blank, Door, Water
Arm the Nagadans --- Door, Beetle, Foot, Water, Eye, Beetle, Water
Fight Anubus --- Water, Triangle, Foot, Eye, Blank, Foot, Water
Find Marines --- Water, Beetle, Foot, Eye, Beetle, Beetle, Eye
Through the East Gate --- Water, Triangle, Beetle, Eye, Blank, Blank, Water
Showdown With Ra --- Door, Triangle, Door, Water, Triangle, Beetle, Eye

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