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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Super Bomberman 5 Super Nintendo Cheats

Transform soft blocks into power-ups:
Enter 0110 as a password to turn every soft block on a battle mode stage into a power-up.

Change hard block configuration and unique items:
Enter 0413 as a password to change the configuration of hard blocks and unique items on the levels in battle mode. In particular, there are solid walls almost walling off the left and right sides, and a staggered configuration in the middle.

View bad ending:
Enter 0803 as a password to display the "bad ending" that you get after completing stage 5-J in normal mode.

View good ending:
Enter 1999 as a password to display the "good ending" that you get after completing stage 5-I in normal mode.

Move Battle Mode start positions inward:
Enter 0926 as a password to move the start positions in battle mode inward by a few squares, and also decrease the amount of open space in the level.

Extra items when starting:
Enter 2657 as a password to start in normal mode with eight bombs, eight firepower, and eight speed (the maximum for each). You also get Detonators, the Boot, and the Power Glove for your first life.

Fight Bosses:
Enter 3879 as a password to fight all the normal mode bosses, one after another. After you have defeated the eight Fiendish Bombers, you will go to stage 5-I to face the three forms of Emperor Terrorin. Defeating him will result in the "good ending".

Everyone starts at center:
Enter 4622 as a password to start everyone very close to the center of each battle mode stage. If you play with five players, you will actually all end up in the same clear spot.

Nine lives:
Enter 5656 as a password for nine total lives and to increase the time limit on each stage to eight minutes in normal mode.

Expert CPU in battle mode:
Enter 1103 as a password. It seems to increase the frequency of power-ups in Battle Mode slightly.

Super passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords in battle mode configuration to have a character with 8 Bombs, Firepower, and Speed.

Battle stages 11, 12 and 13:
Note: This trick requires Hudson's Super Joycard controller. Set the "X" switch on the Super Joycard controller set to the middle. Hold X at the title screen until you hear a confirmation sound.

Hint: Explosion trail:
When starting a game or just after dying, hold A to lay a bomb. After the bomb explodes you will have a trail of explosions following you for as long as A is held. Do not hold A button too long or you will die.

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