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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Super Game Boy Super Nintendo Cheats

View credits:
Insert the Super Game Boy into the SNES without a Game Boy game. Press L(3), R(3), L(3), R(7) at the Super Game Boy title screen.

View screen savers:
Power one the SNES with the Super Game Boy using any Game Boy game. Choose a border from 4 to 10 and press L + R to exit. Press L(4), R, L(4), R. A tone will confirm correct code entry. The screen saver will activate immediately.
Go into the inventory file. If you leave the file on, a screensaver will appear. To leave the screensaver, press any button.

Options menu:
Press L + R during game play to display the options menu.

Extra screen saver:
Use the crayon icon to draw on the screen. A janitor will appear and clean up the screen after approximately thirty seconds.

Movie theater bonus:
Select the movie theater border and begin game play. Pause the game and wait until the lights in the theater are turned on. The people on the front row will begin to move and two boys will begin playing their Game Boys.

Using a Game Boy Game Genie:
The Game Boy Game Genie cartridge can also be used with the Super Game Boy. However, in order to use it, some of the edge that clips on to an actual Game Boy must be trimmed in order to plug it in.

Slow motion:
Insert any Game Boy cartridge into the Super Game Boy. Insert the Super Game Boy into a SNES Game Genie. Insert the Game Genie into the SNES and power on the console. Game play will be in slow motion without sound.

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