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Friday, March 18, 2016

Super Godzilla Super Nintendo Cheats

Level skip:
Press A(2), B(2), X(2), Y(2) at the title screen. Then, press L + R during game play to advance to the next level.

Hint: Defeating King Ghidorah:
The first monster you fight really has no strategy. It is simply a brawl, which can be a bit of a pain considering that Ghidorah's main attack is a charge that makes it difficult to hit him. As long as you have some items to help, you should defeat him with persistence and not too many problems.

Hint: Defeating Mecha Godzilla:
Mecha Godzilla appears as a normal Godzilla first. To destroy the false skin, simply hit him once with a punch. Then the normal battle begins. To defeat him you must get in close and have a good portion of healing to keep yourself vital. If you stay too far back and do not take the offensive, he will unload all sorts of energy and ranged attacks at you and also keep you pinned using his triple charge. Normal breath attacks will not work on him; only the Hyper Breath will.

Hint: Defeating Biollante:
Biollante is one of the toughest monsters in terms of sheer defense and vitality. Its acidic sap is also very powerful. However she has a big weakness: she is slow. When the battle starts you must destroy her feeler stalks in order to get to her. You then need to take the offensive and attack her with some of your stronger attacks. Body slams will not work as she will just recoil them back at you. As in all battles, make sure you have items ready to help. Note: Healing is important - keep some available.

Hint: Defeating Battra:
Battra is difficult because of his speed. You cannot hit him with anything except the Hyper Breath attack, which means that you must keep your power bar up very high. This battle requires some time, but he usually will not be able to hit you with much except for normal attacks if you keep close on his tail. After you defeat him, using any items you have to keep yourself vital and able to attack well (a fighting spirit boost is very useful), you are left with a choice on how to deal with the cocoon. If you do not want to end up fighting Battra again, take the land route.

Hint: Defeating Mecha King Ghidorah:
There are two ways you can fight him: as either the normal Godzilla or as Super Godzilla. When fighting as normal Godzilla, the strategy is similar to that of King Ghidorah but more difficult as Mecha has more attacks. If fighting as Super Godzilla, simply lay a vicious beat-down on him using your charged punch to lunge at him. Then, beat him down with your more powerful attacks.

Hint: Defeating Bagan:
The strongest monster in the game can be a real annoyance depending on how you decided to fight Mecha King Ghidorah. If you did not fight Ghidorah using the Super Energy stations, then use them to fight Bagan as Super Godzilla immediately. If you used them to fight Ghidorah, you must enter the battle as Godzilla and simply survive until the Super X arrives. This is not an easy feat considering that Bagan will be very effective against Godzilla in his normal state. However, when fighting as Super Godzilla the strategy is simple. Use your power punch to hit Bagan from far away, then beat him down with whatever attacks you can hit him with. The fight is generally not that difficult and he should not be too tough after Super Godzilla enters the fray. As before, if necessary use items. It is sometimes fun to toy with Bagan and use a defense and attack boost item together so he cannot do any damage, and you almost always get your breath attack or spirit blast.

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