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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Super James Pond Super Nintendo Cheats

Begin game play and go to the roof of the castle. Collect the following objects in order: Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple, Tap (Faucet). James will be invincible for approximately ten minutes.

Full power:
Collect the following items in order: Penguin, Oil can, Wine glass, Earth, and Racket.

Power combo:
Collect the following objects in order on the far right of the hub: penguin, oil, wine, globe and racquet.

Secret room:
Go all the way to the right of the screen and jump over all the doors along the way. After reaching the last tower, jump up the small platforms leading to the roof. Run left along the roof until your character can enter the tower. Go down the stairs to find the secret room.

Hidden exit:
In the level 1, instead of going right to play the level go left to find a secret exit. Note: Do not do this if you want things from the level.

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