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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Super Punch-Out!! Super Nintendo Cheats

Sound Test
When you first turn on your snes a little nintendo sign comes on. Have your player two control pad in. Right after the nintendo sign comes up hold select with control pad two until it goes to a sound test screen. Now test the sounds or just listen to them with control pad one. To get out of sound test just press start.

Japanese Name
At the ,old game, new game, delete record, screen hold A and X and select new game while still holding these keys. You can now write you're name with Japanese writng.


Sound test:
Hold L + R on controller two when the Nintendo logo appears.

Special Circuit:
Complete the Major, Minor, and World circuits without losing a match.

Japanese text:
Have at least one empty save file slot available. Highlight the "New Game" option on the main menu and press A + X.

Alternate ending:
Complete the Special Circuit without losing a match.

Hint: Character sequence:
Defeat the game without losing once to see a small scene for each character as they appear.

Hint: Health recovery:
Rapidly tap all buttons while your opponent is on the floor to quickly regain health.
When you knock down your opponent, simultaneously press every button except Start and Select.

Hint: Defeating Aran Ryan:
At the start of the match, let Aran throw the first punch. Quickly dodge and punch back until your "Super Punch" is filled. Hit him in the face or stomach, making him dizzy (after he throws a punch). Use your Super Punch, and after he recovers from it, he will grab you. Start swinging your fists (it may cause him to cease the grab hold if you hit him). Then, after all that, repeat everything until he has been defeated.

When Aran Ryan is preparing to grab you, throw low punches at him. Find the correct timing and he will never grab you. You can continue to use special punches on him.

Hint: Defeating Dragon Chan:
After Dragon Chan jumps to the first rope he screams a wild "Heee-Yaaaw!" When he jumps across the ring to the other rope, he will scream "Heee-Yaaaw!" again. Press Down to duck to avoid his flying kick.

Hint: Defeating Hoy Quarlow:
You can do at least a six-hit combo at the start of the match. Before he raises his staff, throw a left jab. He will move you aside to set up his move. As soon as you come back, hit him with two jabs, then two face shots, followed by two jabs. If you alternate every punch, using the jab, jab, face, face combo, you can hit him eight times. He will start spinning and when he comes back around to you, use another jab to knock him down

Hint: Defeating Mad Clown:
Pause game play immediately before Mad Clown throws the balls at your boxer. This will allow you to see which way you have to move to avoid them.

Hint: Defeating Nick Bruiser:
Nick Bruiser moves fast for the first few punches if he punches at your face -- you can only hit him in the face for the first three hits. If he does a Torso Punch, hit him in the lower torso one time in the torso and two times in the face. Note that he moves around like Hoy Quarlow when you punch him. When he moves up to the center and jumps down at you, just dodge to the right and duck because he is going to punch you twice. You can super punch him in the torso if he does not block, but if he tries to slam his fist like Rick Bruiser, dodge and super punch him. When he sounds like a bull, block the torso, then the face until he does an uppercut. Dodge that and punch him, then super punch him. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Hint: Playing the Circuits backwards:
Go to time trial mode and go any of the circuits u have completed. Fight from the champ down to the #1 boxer in each circuit.

Hint: Punch Out reference:
When you fight Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman, and Super Macho Man, they all do the same super attack in the original version of Punch Out Featuring Mr. Dream. Bald Bull does his bull charge, Mr. Sandman does his three dreaded upper cuts, and Super Macho Man does his spin punches.

Emulator: Invisibility:
If playing the game on the ZSNESW emulator, press 1 on the top of the keyboard to turn off the part of the game that displays your character, only leaving his gloves. However, this will not make you invisible to the CPU player.

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