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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tecmo Super Bowl Super Nintendo Cheats

Sound test:
Hold B and press Left at the title screen. Alternatively, press L + R at the title screen.

Random weather:
Choose any type of game. When prompted for the weather, press Select.

Hint: Super team:
You can create a super team by using the free agent and player creation functions. For example, if you want Dan Marino on your team but the CPU will not trade him and he is too expensive as a free agent, create a player as D. Marino, but leave his skill bars at 6. Then, save Marino on the Dolphins. When, you go to the team selection, choose the Dolphins and your team of choice. Then, dump the fake Marino into the free agent pool and pick him up with your team for 10 to 20 points. When you delete the fake Marino from the create a player area, the real Marino will now be on your team. You can do this with as many players as desired to create the ultimate team. Use the 49ers when you do this, since they are the last team to pick from the free agent pool. Note, this trick tends to glitch the game with repeated use -- make sure the team you create is the one that you want.

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