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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Terranigma Super Nintendo Cheats

Defeat your enemies
When fighting an level-boss don't always use the most powerfull weapon. Sometimes a less powerfull weapon will hurt him even more.

I keep fainting in the Taklama Desert
You can pass this only when you cleared Louran. Ask the nomads a description of the route.

I saw a girl in the Gobi
Go after her.

Liem keeps falling from the stone bridge
Stay with Liem. Walk gently with Liem, don't try to run.

In Zue i have had three altars, but where is the fourth ?
Look on the river for two wooden blocks. Here you will find number four. Prepare for a fight!

I am getting poisioned each time by the plant Ra Tree
Use the Ra Dewdrop before you enter. You will find it in Ra Tree too.

The guard in Tower 5 won't let me in
Make sure you have the Crystal Tread in Tower 4. Go to Ellen who will wave a cape for you.


Hint: Defeating Bloody Mary:
Use a lot of rings when fighting Bloody Mary. One of them will destroy her after approximately five times.

Hint: Defeating Dark Gaia:
When Dark Gaia attacks with the lightning, have your Ring Box equipped. Use the "Block" command then press the "Use Item" command, but do not press anything else. The ring will come up, yet the lightning will continue to decrease, leaving you unharmed. You may suffer only about 1 to 6 damage with a lightning attack.

Hint: Secret country:
To get to a secret country, enter Liotto, then exit/ From there, go two steps left, six steps down, one step left, three steps down, four steps left, one step down, five steps left and one step up. You will reach a stopover with a bird. Talk to it and it will take you there. Alternately, enter the stopover and then exit. Then, go one step left and two steps down to reach a destroyed town with useful items.

Hint: Game company building:
When in Tokyo, there is a girl that talks about wanting a building to fill the vacant lot. After talking to her, go up and to the right from her. Talk to the trash can to fight a ghost in a messy room. After defeating it, listen to the dialogue, then leave Tokyo and re enter. Go to the vacant lot and a game company will be there. Go in to find animal employees and the chicken you saved from the ghost room.

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